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Question about Columbus, Ohio?

In a few years I plan on going to Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. I have a few questions about it though to top of my research.

How is the schools in Columbus?

What is there to do?

Is Ohio State a good school to attend?

Is Columbus a good place to raise a family?

Thank you and if you want to add anything else that would be helpful!

Thank you :)

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    I used to live in Ohio, and always found columbus to be the cleanest of the Ohio cities. There are many things to do in Columbus including some cool museums (Cosi), the Zoo, etc.

    Ohio State is an OK school to attend, a little to big for my tastes (I went to Ohio University). I think with OSU you get out of it what you put into with any school, but more so there.

    Columbus and the surrounding towns are great places to bring up kids for the reasons above, clean, friendly, good schools, educational non-school things to do, culture, etc.

    good luck, I am sure you will love Columbus.

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    The Ohio State University is awesome! It's really big so there is pretty much anything you could want to do there. My sister goes there and she loves it. Columbus is a great city also, however for raising a family I would suggest a suburb like Dublin or Westerville or Hilliard or Worthington. There a tons of suburbs because Columbus Public Schools are pretty much what you would expect from a big inner city. I have lived in Columbus for about 6 years and I went to high school in Dublin. I chose to attend a community college to save money, but OSU really is a great school. Also, they will accept almost anyone to their satellite campus there is one in Newark and one in Delaware which are only about 30 mins outside Columbus.

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    i lived 20 mins from there a while ago and always went there so i will try to help

    their ok they are not like harvard or anything but they are good schools

    its a BIG city so theres lots to do you just have to think about what you want to do

    i have never been there but the schools in ohio i have been too are good

    honestly i dont think people should raise familes because of all the villence that goes on there...unless you are in the good part of the city

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    columbus is an awesome city for every thing! so yea go there

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