How do I get into Animal Rescue?

How do I get into animal rescue???? It's what I want to do with my life but have no idea how to get the process started, I've asked local rescuers (HSPCA) via email but no response. Any advice or sugguestions would really help... Thanks!

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    Keep asking or try asking another shelter. The best information will come from the shelter or someone who works in animal rescue? I'm assuming by animal rescue you mean as an animal cop. Of course, there are many other ways to become involved in animal rescue.

    Besides education you'll need some experience with animals. See if you can volunteer at a vet clinic or animal shelter. You could also see what volunteer or youth programs your local police or sheriff offers, that would give you some experience in law enforcement.

    What are some other ways to gain animal experience?

    Some places to look for volunteer jobs or internships might be:

    • Veterinary offices

    • Animal training classes (does your dog need obedience training?)

    • Local Humane Society

    • Local Park Service

    • Wildlife rehabilitation centers (like for wolves, bears, big cats, birds of prey, and even bats)

    • Animal shelters

    • Farms (for domestic animals, or even ostrich, llama, or butterfly farms)

    • Pet breeders (those that breed specific kinds of dogs, cats, or horses)

    • Horse stables and boarding facilities

    • 4-H Clubs

    some degrees/education could be: National Cruelty Investigators School Levels, Animal Science, Zoology, Animal Medicine/Health, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Applied Sciences, Agriculture, etc.

    I hope the links below will give you some good information. Good Luck.

    Humane Law Enforcement/Animal Control Officer

    Another career that involves both the law and animals is Humane Law Enforcement Officer/Animal Control Officer. HLE/AC officers inspect kennels, pet shops, stables and other places where animals are kept to make sure that animal welfare regulations are being followed. HLE/AC officers respond to and investigate reports of animal cruelty. HLE/AC officers also enforce licensing laws and rescue trapped animals.

    Requirements for becoming a HLE/AC officer may include a high school diploma, courses in criminology and animal science and on-the-job training (may be similar to police training).

    Some states require certification. Contact your local animal agency for information on humane law enforcement and animal control officer positions.

    Long Island City

    Humane Law Enforcement Special Agent

    Department: Humane Law Enforcement (HLE)

    Positions Available: Three (3)

    Job Responsibilities:

    * Investigate complaints regarding New York City and New York State animal cruelty laws

    * Issue summonses and make arrests for violations of cruelty laws

    * Testify in court

    * Maintain investigative files and write reports

    * Inspect animals and animal facilities

    * Issue compliance notices where education is needed

    * Provide information to the public pertaining to health and care and welfare of animal


    High school diploma or equivalent, college preferred


    * 21 years of age

    * A United States citizen

    * New York State resident

    * Bondable

    * New York State drivers license

    * Pass background investigation

    Knowledge Requirements:

    Law enforcement, investigation and animal care

    Skills Requirements:

    * Basic computer capabilities

    * Some animal handling experience preferred

    Training Requirements:

    * Able to qualify to carry a firearm and able to pass New York State Peace Officer qualification

    Additional Information:

    * 12-months probation period

    * Training in animal handling

    * Investigative experience

    * Training in kennels

    * Training in firearms

    * Training as a NYS Peace Officer

    Our office is located in Long Island City.


    Our generous benefit package includes the following for full-time employees and (if qualified, we offer domestic partner coverage!) Medical, Dental, Vision, STD, LTD, 401(k), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Transit checks, Tuition Assistance Program, Training Seminars, EAP, 50% hospital discount, Vacation, Sick, Personal & Company Holiday time off. EOE.

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    If you mean like the people on the show "Animal Cops", I believe you have to be a policewoman first, or be doing some kind of policework. Because sometimes you have to make arrests and deal with irate people. If your meaning just rescuing animals from dangerous situations, I think thats mainly volunteers doing that.

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    If you have a Local RSPCA I would get n touch with those I am sure they will help, if not see if you can get Animal Rescue on the Computer and I am sure you would find something. If that fails go to a local Vet and ask them

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    your best bet would be to go to the nearest Animal Rescue League. They're typically more open to volunteers than any of the SPCA's of the world. They'll take any type of volunteer because they're a non profit organization but if you're good and dedicated enough then ask them about a job. Good Luck!

    Source(s): 4 years volunteer experience at Animal Rescue League of Boston
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    You need to call your local animal shelter. There could be an application that you need to fill out. You could see about volunteering with a veterinarian. Maybe you could get a job with one. How old are you? Are you going to go to college?

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    Wow God bless you, your my kinda person!!!! I am not sure other then the local Humane Society. We live very Rural and I have adopted a Turtle, 3 dogs and 3 cats. xox Good Luck

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    go to a shelter and ask

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