a good website where i can see the different potency(THC) levels in different type of weed,marijuana,cannabis?

just want to see

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't think one exists to be quite honest, although if you look at websites for seeds you will get a pretty good description of the different types of high they produce.

    Your question oversimplifies the issue... which is why you are unlikely to find a good website. What I mean is this: If you take two identical seeds and plant one in a pot of dirt and put it in the backyard, and you take the other and you sprout it, grow it hydroponicly (sp?) with an ideal nutrient mixture, strictly timed lighting, and supplemented CO2.... then guess which one is going to produce stronger, higher THC buds??

    See what I am saying? So what I think what you are asking is what are the stronger strains of weed... and the answer is that you can take what should be high powered (like white widow or AK47) based on its genetic potential.... but still not end up with really good stuff unless it is grown properly. Add to that their are literally millions of people out their creating variations of the NAMED hybrids by crossing them with others etc. etc. It's all done on the black market so nobody is out their verifying that everything sold as Blueberry is actually a pure Blueberry strain or Northern Lights or whatever... so no really good accurate numbers can really be created.

    Unless someday we can pick up the stuff marketed by brand like we can cigarettes today.... then I wouldn't expect any consistency in what you see out there for sale even if they guy selling it calls it by the same name.

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    5 years ago

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    Yeah you never know exactly what your getting go wiki all the different kinds and print out pictures and use that to tell. It well help out a lot. But the ones that are the highest in T.H.C % would be your northern lights and white widow is only 20% sativa 80 Indica <look that up to.

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