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Bike in the winter in NYC?


I Live in Hillside, Queens NYC and new to enjoy bikeing.

I have an entry level hardtail Mountain bike.

I wonder how to prepare for Winter bike-ing ?

Is there any anti-lock break system ? Slip resistant tires :D ?

All jokes aside is there certain things I can get for my bike ( open to getting a new bike as well) so that I can keep bike-ing

in say .5 inch of snow ?

Thanks for good advice... not so for bad advice :<



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    In general winter riding is similar to summer, just colder and you dress differently.

    In my experience riding in snow is actually easier with narrow tires than with wider ones (they cut through better rather than float). That said, anything less than 2 inches or so is pretty easy to ride in.

    The best bet is dressing in layers (and don't worry much about your body (a breathable jacket and rain pants is all you need) ... you won't get cold due to the exercise). Hands, feet and face are more important to protect.

    Don't use clipless pedals if there is a risk of falling ... use platform style and boots.

    If there is ice studded tires are useful. You may have to order specially and they aren't cheap (ca $50). I rode for years in winter without them, but I was in a city (Ottawa, Canada) that did a good job of plowing and salting.

    I found a good bike stood up to winter salt, sand, etc better than a cheap bike. I rode beater bikes that lasted one winter, and a good road commuter bike for 5 years with minor repairs (e.g. new chain, disassemble and oil brakes) to refurbish each spring ... but the bike and components stood up well..

    I'd advise fenders and good lights (the latter for visibility to others, not you since cities are usually bright enough to see without lights).

    My 12 years of winter riding at temperatures down to -35C will I'm sure make NYC seem tame by comparison ... most of the time. But don't be reluctant to take alternate transport on really bad days. It's not worth the risks to ride in 4"-5" of snow!

    Hope that helps.

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    What I found works best for winter commuting would be [Upper Body] Under Armour Cold gear turtle Neck, Wool Sweater and A Thick Windbreaker [Lower Body] Under Armour Compression Pants, Long John Pants and Tight Sweat Pants. What was I used was a little more extreme than what you would need due to where I live [Northern Ontario] and I used the setup for my early season rowing when weather ranged from -20 to 5 Celsius and I was constantly wet Wool is always good because it keeps you warm even when wet and doesn't let you get too warm and, avoid cotton because it sucks you body heat when wet, just remember cotton is rotten

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  • Google Nokian studded mountain bike tires.

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    one thing i would suggest for sure is fender's to keep slush and stuff like that from getting on your back etc...

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