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Jan Stenerud vs Adam Vinatieri?

Who is/was the best player? Why?

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    Adam Vinatieri.

    Vinateiri played as big a role as any single player in the Patriots winning 3 Superbowls in the 2000's. If he misses just 2 clutch kicks that he ended up making, the Pats don't win at least 2 of those rings.

    If you're a kicker and you end up having that large an impact on an entire team winning Superbowls, that's saying something.

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    Janikowski is far better. He has more power than any other kicker and has really improved his accuracy. Most people think Vinatieri is good just because he is clutch but in normal situations, Janikowski far outdoes Vinatieri. And although Vinatieri is more of a clutch kicker, I would turn to Janikowski for a 50+ yard field goal to decide a game because Janikowski is the best in the NFL from 50+ yards.

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    Adam Vinatieri

  • Adam Vinatieri.

    You wanna know why?

    Because he won the superbowl with the Patriots and Colts and is the best kicker in the league.

    Also because I have no idea who Jan Stenerud is and he sounds like he's polish and I know a lot of polish athletes that are famous.

    Also, I think Robbie Gould is better than Stenerud since I know him better too.

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    Adam Vinitieri, I've got him in Fantasy football, he's the heat.

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    Jan Brady is better than either.

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