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How proud are you of Singapore's female paddlers securing an Olympic medal?

On 15 Aug 2008, the Singapore team defeated the Koreans in an epic semi-final match and won the nation's first Olympic medal since 1960.

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    I don't agree with YowHeng's reasoning of recruiting foreign sporting talents to raise the standard of our local athletes. The government recruits foreign sporting talents purely to achieve the goal of winning that elusive Olympic medal, or getting into the World Cup, and not what YowHeng said about raising local athletes' standards. If you want to raise the standard of our local athletes, you should use the money to recruit World-class foreign coaches and staffs to train and develop our local sporting talents, and not spend the millions of dollars on recruiting foreign sporting talents. It wouldn't help to raise the standard of our local athletes, no matter how you look at it.

    No, I am not proud of this Olympic achievement we accomplished. Not when we use money to buy success. What kind of message is our government sending to our future generation? Money can help you achieve and solve all problems in life?? Money is the only solution?? As correctly put by Celexter, if Countries which are poorer and have smaller population than us can win medals drawing from their own population, why can't we? Why do we have to take the easiest way out to achieve the goal, and then force us to feel proud about it? What kind of mentality is that, my fellow Singaporeans?

    This question alone already have more people who are not proud of this achievement than there are. And this is only from the internet savy community. Go down to the grassroot community and the heartlanders, and you would find the result to be the same. Hence, for those "patriotic" SIngaporeans who are disgusted by our point of view, do you have the guts to tell us straight in the face that you are disgusted and ashamed of our differing views? If not, then give some respect to the freedom of expresssion and speech. This is a question on how proud are we of Singapore's female paddlers securing the Olympic medal, not people with differing views bashing session.


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    It was with excitement and anxiety that I watched the semi-finals of the Singapore woman table-tennis team finishing and winning South Korea off. It was a very good match. However, the paddlers at the Singapore side managed to win the Koreans at the best-of-five match 3-2. This signified the nation's first medal (a silver or gold one, at that) after a 48 year medal drought in the Olympics.

    I read some of the other comments before making an answer to this question. Other people commented that it was ironic that there were no locally born Singaporeans representing Singapore in this epic battle but I have to say that the team is FROM Singapore, TRAINED in Singapore and HAVE BEEN in Singapore for the years they represented Singapore. One example, is world number 6. Li Jiawei. She had been in Singapore since she was 14 years old. Is that not long enough?

    I must also ask, why is there a bad misconception against foreign talent people. Are they really that bad? I am a Singaporean but I feel that these people from China, Malaysia, etc makes Singapore really Singapore. Singapore is a multi-language, mutli-racial and multi-religion country. We should accept and even be good friends with them. I really cannot see why these cannot be done.

    As for the whether I am proud. I am not just proud, I am very proud. The female paddlers had made Singapore known throughout the world. First, butterfly star Tao Li made Singapore famous by going to the finals of the 100m butterfly competition. Eventually, she got 5th placing. Now, our female paddlers got at least a 2nd placing in the table tennis competition. At least a few ten thousands of people would be there cheering and watching the television and supporting Singapore and China. Singapore will be more well-known in the global age.

    I am sure that the paddlers will make us proud and have already made us very proud. Thank you so much! Singapore loves you!

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    I watched the final game between China and our Singapore's female paddlers (interestingly, all foreign talents) on Sunday. The worst thing to see is the body language of Li Jiawei when each time she lose a point! She could have shown more fighting spirit for Singapore I think, even though there are many negative reactions regarding these foreign sports talents, in particularly Wang Yuegu and Feng Tianwei got their citizenships most swiftly.

    So when the China's national anthem was played at the prize presentation ceremony, I could not help but imagined if these Singapore paddlers have already forgotten how to sing it...

    I would have been very proud of them if they had shown a better fighting spirit against China and not given the viewers like me the impression that the silver medal was what they are satisfied with!

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    I am a 100% Singapore-born Chinese and I am very proud of the performance of Team Singapore in this Olympic! Keep it up and I bet you have the support of the entire nation behind you!

    It doesn't matter where you're born 'cos you can't choose where you want to be born. But, you have chosen to contribute for this small little country in the way that you can and that is what matters! Many born here cannot do what you have done because their parents are just too focus on their childrens' academic achievements! (probably this explains the need of a sports school and why there are not many Singapore-born atheletes yet!). You have won those cynicals by a big margin! Those people are only a small bunch of educated yet narrow-minded Singaporeans who only know how to complaint and comment but never do much for our nation building (less paying GST/ERP/Income Tax/NS etc). Ask them what have they done for the country? I bet they have problem listing their contributions. Great work so far and I wish you all the best in Beijing! Do us more proud!

    For the cynicals: It doesn't matter where you're born. Our forefathers ain't born here too. They came here from all over the world and call this place home. There may or may not be any aborigins in Singapore anyway (am not a historian, so I won't know). What is more impt is, do you call this place home? and, what have you done for your home? Ask yourself before you ask others. Self-reflection and thereafter, improve on the reflected issues, is a teaching which we should not forget at all times! Be contented and life will be happier! Take care and hope you can join the nation in watching the Final on Sunday and feel PROUD!

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    I am incredibly proud of what the girls have done. All the hours of training and perseverance have paid off. They have fought nervousness and many tough opponents to achieve a medal! Every Singaporean should feel proud.

    For those who don't think the victory is a genuine Singaporean one, please consider this: the only difference between one of the three girls and other Singaporeans is time. Almost every Singaporean is a son or daughter, or grandson or granddaughter of an "import". We are a nation of immigrants. We are only 43 years old as a nation. What exactly is a true-blue Singaporean? These three paddlers risked so much to be called citizens of Singapore. What have some of the born-in-Singapore citizens done for the country except complain?

    These three Singaporean paddlers are proud to don our colours and fight for our country in the sports arena. Can we say the same for all born-in-Singaporean citizens?

    So I am proud of them. So proud. And I thank each one of them for putting Singapore on the Olympic map. When we won our last medal in 1960, we weren't even technically a nation. Tan Howe Liang wasn't a citizen of Singapore since we weren't actually a nation yet. And he was born in China in 1933. Do we then discount what he did for our nation? No we don't. We call him a true Singaporean hero. And today, we can call Li Jiawei, Feng Tianwei and Wang Yue Gu true Singaporean heroes.

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    Well done girls! It feels great to have Singapore in the limelight after living in the shadows for so long.

    True enough, most of the team, including the coach are from China. This has invited a lot of flak from non supporters. Arguments about how 'Singaporean' the victory is.

    But let's put it this way, would they even have gotten the chance to be groomed and realise their Olympic medals had they been in their motherland? I very much doubt so. We would not have heard the names of Li Jiawei, Wang Yue Gu, and Feng Tian Wei. They are ranked no 6, 7 and 9 respectively in world ranking. If China was able to, or allowed to send another team to play against Singapore, would these now Singaporean players shine? Maybe I'm biased, I still very much believe so.

    China was their motherland, but Singapore groomed them into what they are. China is a melting pot of talent, but Singapore has managed to pick some of the cream of the crop and realize their potential.The victory is Singapore's as far as I can see.

    Results speak for themselves. They may have missed the gold medal, but they lost to the best--those watching the doubles match will know that they played against no 1 and 2 in world ranking.

    To quote the words of the Ch U commentator, China is not used to losing. By the time China comes up with better players to hog the top positions, I'm quite sure Li Jiawei and co would have honed their skills and wits too.

    Source(s): Singapore's Channel 5, U, and my own biased opinion.:)
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    We are very proud of the Singapore team irrespective of their origin. They have done Singapore proud and deserves accolades from everyone. Focus on their performance and the fact that they brought Singapore to the finals. Even though they did not get the gold medal due to the superiority of the Chinese national team they put up an excellent fight. There is still alot for them to do to bring their perofrmance to the level of gold medalists.

    For those who critize the origin of the players; they need to look at the priority Singapore parents and Singaporeans pay to competitive sports. Basically the sporting psychology is absent, the domestic market is too small unlike eg. the U.S.A. and, most of all the money is not there. The government is trying to change this by starting a sports school and bringing in foreign expertise some of whom have to become citizens to represent the country in international sporting events. This is a necessary requirement that needs to be fulfilled. However, to start a school and to bring in foreign expertise is not enough. There is a need for role models that local Singaporeans can aspire to. What a better way than to win a medal at the Olympics. I am sure that winning the silver medal at the China Olympics has already ignited the latent interest in table-tennis not only for mature Singaporeans but also the aspiration of the students in Singapore schools especially the Singapore Sports School. To reach Olympic levels of excellence requires a great deal of encouragement, patience, motivation and constant practice. The government has put in the money. Will current parents and future parents stand up to the challenge of putting their children into sports and producing local Singaporean Olympic stars? If not, Singapore will continuously have to rely on foreign expertise to win medals for our nation.

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    I am proud of the paddlers' results but not for Singapore sports in the Olympics since the issue of bringing in foreign talent to win has always been an issue that many Singaporean feel very strongly on.

    I am happy for their results. Yet I am disappointed that they are just foreign talent brought into Singapore to play and not Singaporeans born and bred here.

    I believe that is the same thinking many Singaporeans feel as well. And it has been such a sensitive issue that an article in the Yahoo! Singapore News had to edit their publication on which had earlier mentioned that the happy mood has somehow been marred by the fact that they are not Singaporeans who are born and bred here but foreign talents brought in. Those who had read the earlier version before it was edited would agree with me that it has indeed been edited.

    Please do not forget that even if they are getting the medals, they are after all just fighting for their chance to be able to play for the Olympics. If they had remain in China, with the billions in population and the strong competition, how far could they have gone?

    We lack in the human resource, that is a fact. Nevertheless, even our forefathers also came to Singapore from China and other parts of the world. If they choose to make this place home, we should accept them. But if their mentality is just to get a chance to win medals and get the prize money (which i believe will not be a small sum) by playing for Singapore, then I just have this to say, please go back to where you came from and leave us alone.

    We are after all just wanting to have something that we can really be proud of. Not something that we will be proud of, but only to lose that pride should a day when they leave for their hometown again.

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    Well, I think we can pop the champagne and celebrate a bit for the team that Singapore BOUGHT over won a medal. But a million bucks is a bit much for a medal, even if its the Olympics. Not counting the rest of the dollars gone to sending the entire team over to compete, I don't blame them should they lose as most of the Singaporean atheletes are doing this on a part time biasis. The same can't be said for the "imported" atheletes who were given a salary + citizenship (which is important becoz that means they can move on to any other country in the world relatively easily), they should win, or at least get into the semis, coz they are paid to do their job, no? I won't go all nationalistic about PRC, Singaporeans blah blah. But great, we won a medal (gold still pending), but giving additional reward money to the atheletes who are simply doing their job (and giving so much of taxpayer's money), thats a bit much. If you've read the news, the middle income Singaporeans are taking the hardest hit during this economic downturn, many Singaporeans are suffering... and the government is giving them generic answers that simply don't solve real bread and butter issues. And, we have extra cash to "reward" this Table Tennis team girls who are simply doing what they were paid, nurtured, groomed to do? A million bucks can definitely provide a bit of relief for some of the poor folks out there (PRC, Singapore, or whatever...), don't you think?

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    Congrats Singapore. It's been 48years and we haven got another 2nd Olympic medal. Now we have made it, in 2004 Athens, we almost but got 4th. Now we gonna take either 1st or second.

    Sunday is going to be a big day for Singapore as Favourite China will going to battle against Singapore. It will be a fierce battle between World no.1 and world no.2.

    If we triumph over China, it will be a really very good news. And it is possible.

    Because there was time when people said that Singapore won't make it, but we did. We are the host of First Youth Summer Olympics in 2010. From a fishing village to a world class city !


    Jia you Singapore ! All the best in defeating China on sunday

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      Agreed http://statisticsgold.weebly.

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    Very proud. Although they are not from Singapore, but what an exciting match that was wouldn't you all agree. They came here to Singapore, play their best and finally, after 48 years, Singapore is assured a medal in the olympic. They work so hard and this is their reward. Why must we from where they come from? What matters is their own achievement and their hard work. They are the inspiration for young singaporeans, to believe that some day, we Singaporean could be just like them in the mere future. Because of the girls, they help to bring our name up as well our Singapore Flag up during the prize giving ceremony.

    Well done to the Singapore's female table tennis team. Singapore is proud of you all. Thank you

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