Eating Disorder. How do I fix it?

I think I may I have an eating disorder. I don't want to ask for help though. I used to weigh 16 stone when I was 17. I started making myself sick and got down to 10 stone. Then I started eating only 500 calories a day and I now weigh 8 stone.

I am 5 ft 7, so i know I'm slightly underweight. If I eat more than my set amount a day I get panicky and start sweating until I can go and be sick. It's like a vicious circle of staving for days then binging and being sick.

I don't need you to tell me about all the dangers because I know about them all..... the rotting teeth, bone problems, fertility problems, death etc.... luckily I don't have any of those yet. I do want to get it sorted but I can't go to the doctors. They're gonna look at me and say "you're 8 stone, your not underweight just try and eat healthier" I always said I'd stop once i got to 9 stone, then 8 stone and i never reach my goal and be happy cos I always want lower.

How can I control this on my own?


To answer your questions. Firstly yes i know about the problems and why don't i just stop? well if it was that easy I wouldn't be asking. Also the way my mind is.... i know it sounds crazy but to me all my mind cares about is being thin.... whatever the cost. I just shut the problems out of my mind.

Secondly, It took me about 3 to 4 months to lose 5 stone and get down to 11 stone, then I lost another stone over a period of 12 month. I got down to 10 and then i found that being sick wasn't working any more so i started restricting. I would lose about 7 lbs in 5 days and then binge/ be sick over the weekend and put on 5 lbs, then loose another 7, etc.... so i was losing about 2lbs a week

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    well i am in recovery for ed. sounds like you have ednos- eating disorder not otherwise specified.

    see your gp and he will refer you to a clinic

    you cant get though it by yourself. i ttriedand i relapse in 2weeks.

    look at its an eating disorder charity. it has some info

    you show all the signs and iI'mspeaking from eexperience


    you also will be given your own nutritionist who will help you get a healthy diet and get you to a weight your happy with but that's healthy.


    stay Strong.

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    Just curious but how long did it take you to lose that weight? You almost lost 100lbs (7 stone?)... you could have some serious health issues (more than you have now) if you lost that weight in a super short time.

    You really should go see a doctor. If they're smart enough, they'll see that you're in danger and they'll try to do more than just tell you to "eat healthier". The not eating healthy part is not the only thing wrong with your body right now, and a doctor should know that. You're making yourself sick and eating has become a fear to you. So please, go see a doctor, or at least go talk to a therapists/counselor. They can and will help you. They won't pressure you to talk to them or tell them certain things; you'll tell them when you're ready. And don't think that they're just going to send you to rehab or anything; if they're compassionate enough, they'll help you overcome your fear and get your mind and body back on the right track. Having an eating disorder doesn't just affect your weight, it affects your brain and the way you think, your relationships with people close to you, and it'll make your immune system weak, thus making you even sicker. I know you asked us not to tell you the dangers, but maybe you should listen to them. I know that by now, you've pretty much lost control with your body, and it'll be really hard to get better. But, honestly, would you rather get so sick that you're at risk of dying, or would you rather slowly get yourself back on track? It will take a long time; the first thing you have to do is see someone that can help you through this. I really don't think you can overcome this by yourself... if you could, don't you think you would've done that already?

    You don't have to listen to me, or do what I say, it's your life... just know that you shouldn't be alone in this and you should get help soon.

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    I had the same problem,I lost a lot of weight but still wasn't dangerously underweight but people still thought I was skinny especially since I used to be quite curvy.It's very hard,and I didn't tell anyone,it was wrong,it took me 6months to recover ON MY OWN and now I feel as if I'm relapsing.Phisically I'm doing great,I don't make myself sick,I eat a lot etc but mentally I'm nearly the same,I'm just not as obssessive about calories as I used to but I didn't imporve greatly either,so I'd have to say you have to tell somone if you really wanna feel better.Start by finding the problem.Eating disorders aren't about food.Is there a lack of attention in your life?Do you not feel loved?Do you feel as if you're unworthy of everything?Were you betrayed by someone?Find the reason that made you start this,then depending on it,convince yourself that it's ok not to be perfect or that you ARE loved,at least your family cares and loves you.Maybe speak about what you're going through to a trusted friend,it helps to share problems,she'll make you feel more comfortable.Then start by taking small steps,look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself(silently,in your head)tell yourself you'll start by eating 1200calories coming from healthy food,and convince yourself that it's for your own good,for your friends,for your family,for your life,look forward to your life later,how happy you will be and how much you wanna live!then gradually up your calorie intake,at the same time you should say to yourself that ur beautiful everyday,you're a great person and this is not your fault.If you're religious pray for god to help you,it won't happen overnight but eating disorders are curable after all.After a month start having healthy 1800calories,ONLY plan 1800calories,if you plan less you'll make yourself sick...and then slowly try to eat whatever you want as long as you don't go over 1800calories,then start eating just what you want without counting calories,it'll be hard but don't give up coz you'll do it!Then you'll find back the pleasure of eating,don't over-exercise,just enough to keep you healthy!At the same time you should find an interest,maybe a hobby,a new great friend,anything you like to do,so you'll have other stuff to care about than your weight.If you need any help email me,I'll help

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    4 years ago

    If this amount of food isn't making you fat then you don't have an eating disorder. What you do have is either the body of a normal growing teenager, or some sort of problem with absorbing nutrients from your food. It's probably the former, but always worth seeking a professional opinion if you're worried, which you clearly are.

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    1 decade ago

    if you go to the doctors, they wont tell you that you dont have an eating disorder, trust. bulemics (which is what you have) tend to be at normal weight because of the binge fast cycle. if you explain to them what youve been doing, they will help you with counselling and help you be healthier, but you wont be able to sort this on your own beause you always want to be lower.

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    Don't binge ... Start off by eating what you really like, a little more each day. Don't even think or count the calories anymore. Just eat what you like. I hope it works.

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    Go and see a counsillor, they really help.

    You are quite underweight but even if you weren't, eating disorders are mental diseases, NO doctor wouldn't take you seriously and try to help as best they could! God luck.

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    1 decade ago

    how much is 1 stone????

    it's like so confusing...

    and, since u know the problems u will get, why are u not stopping???

    what matters is being healthy right????

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