Can you recommend any Good Sad Songs?

I just want to bum out for a while Thanks!

Rock preferred, but J-pop and all that jazz is acceptable too.

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    1 decade ago
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    Okay the spaces between lists is stuff ive been adding on sorry. its just the music ive been addited to lately.

    barely breathing by vertical horizon

    hush by automatic love letter

    Not alone by mcfly

    the last song ever by second hand serande

    tiny vessels by deathcab for cutie

    unlove you - elisa estrada

    what sarah said - death cab for cutie

    youve got a friend by mcfly ( watch the offical video its so sad)

    look at the sky by danny jones

    shelf- jb


    45 by shinedown

    emily- from first to last

    leave the pieces- the wreckers

    you cant let go- crystal shawanda

    what do i ahve to do- crystal shawanda

    simple man - shinedown

    take a look at waht youve done- jet

    disarm by the smashing pumpkins

    the scientist by coldplay

    diary of jane by breaking benjamin

    all about you by mcfly

    the heart never lies mcfly

    bother by stone sour

    glycerine by bush

    sometimes by too sorry for apologies

    lvoe thos songs to i found a good one like a while ago its 9 crimes by damien rice

    I list recent songs i listen to here caz the list below is a bit old but the songs are new.

    Gotta find you by joe jonas

    this is real this is me by demi lovato

    here i am by peggy

    rootless tree - damien rice

    from yesterday- 30 seconds to mars

    lady in a blue dress - sensesfail

    cat and mouse - the red jumpsuit apparatus

    say goodnight- bullet for my valentine

    stay beautiful - taylore swift +

    cue the sun by daphne loves derby..... is amazing+

    Makers and breakers-daphne loves derby

    crazy for this girl- evan and jaron

    why - avril lavinge ++++

    superman- five for fighting

    whered you go- fort minor

    by the way-hinger+

    better than me-hinder+

    come here boy-imogen heap+

    kill the messanger- jacks mannequin+

    the mixed tape- jacks mannequin+

    i can- nas

    i dont want to wait- paula cole

    extentialism on prom night- stray light run+

    no rain-blind melon

    lover i dont have to love- bright eyes +

    anyone else but you- moldy peaches (juno sound track)

    Cannonball- damien rice ++

    i'll keep your memory vague- finger eleven ++

    sleepless nights- faber drive++

    there she goes- sixepence none the richer

    dont let me get me - pink ++

    who knew -pink++

    please be mine

    our time now - plain white t's

    evercahnging - rise against +++

    blurry - puddle of mudd +++++

    a day to be alone - one less reason+++

    all taht i know - one less reason

    im not happy for you - one less reason ++++

    Form where you are - goo goo dolls

    the funeral - band of horses

    wild horses - natasha bedingfield

    alive - becki ryan +++++

    no rain - blaque

    perfect company - a cursive memory +++++++

    ill keep your memory vague - finger eleven ++++++

    ill put + sign by the ones i like the best

    hope this helps

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    1 decade ago

    How to Save a Life - The Fray

  • Me
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    1 decade ago

    "Memories" - Within Temptation

    "Eva" - Nightwish

    "Blue Caravan" - Vienna Teng

    "Mad World" - Gary Jules

  • 3 years ago

    depressing at exceptional-mayday parade. collide-howie day. ohio is for fans-hawthorn heights another time-daft punk. ( forget about this reply) lonely day-procedure of a down. pool of fears-scars of existence.

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  • 1 decade ago

    bleeding love, better in time, hsm2: i gotta go my own way, aqua: turn back time, hsm1[venessa huggens]

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