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Filipinos, do you know this old card game called kwaho/cuajo?

I don't know the rules but it's a game I often saw the grown-ups play when I was a kid (which wasn't that long ago). The cards were different from regular playing cards because the pictures and symbols were different. There were cups, weird plant-like sticks, swords, and gold coins instead of the usual diamond-heart-clubs-spades. I'm from Pampanga and some of the card names were pronounced "horus," "espada," "bastus/bastos," "copas." And I know that the rules were different from tong-its and other regular playing card deck games.

I'm intrigued because years later I became interested in the Tarot and they were the same card suits used! Horus = Pentacles/Coins, Espada=Swords, Bastos=Wands, Copas=Cups. They also had the same Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings and these cards were not reversible. I'm guessing "horus" was a Kapampangan pronunciation of "oros."

So, does anyone know about these cards and the game? Do you know where I could buy them?

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    Well I'm not Filipino but I heard about this game as I researched about this kind of card games before.

    Its called the Baraja and its originated from the Spanish.

    A normal Spanish deck consists of four suits of ten numbered cards. Very rarely the eights and nines are added to create a 48-card deck. It is more possible to find them in a normal 52-card Anglo-American-French deck style with Spanish pictures. Jokers are not used either, except in the rare 52 (that is, 54) cards deck (where they are called comodines). The four suits are bastos (clubs), oros (literally "golds", that is, golden coins), copas (cups) and espadas (swords).

    The last three cards of each suit have pictures similar to the jack, queen, and king in an Anglo-French deck, and rank identically. They are the sota, which is similar to the jack and generally depicts a page or prince, the caballo (knight, literally "horse"), and the rey (king) respectively.

    Where to buy I really do not know. Try searching in those stores that sell antiques? search online?

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    sounds like tarots cards ... try novelty stores(gary lising shop in robinsons galleria) or shops that sell magic stuff (a stall in SM city north edsa near cabalen resto 2nd floor).

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    They use not the basic game cards. I guess you use different cards.

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    Never heard of it.


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