is apple macbook air good?


i want to know is apple macbook air good and esay to use?

can i install microsoft window or word into the mac and use together with the apple programs? or i can only either choose one?

is all the program for macbook cost money? i need to pay money for every

programs I want?

Is the monitor color of apple great?

coz i want to watch DvDs or youtube programs clearly

will u choose to buy hp, apple , sony or dell's desk top and laptop?

thank you for your help

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  • cnomis
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    1 decade ago
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    macbook air is good with its slim & tiny, but dun expect its performancing. (means as fast & powerful as macbook pro ext.)

    u can install microsoft office for mac onto it, but u cant use together. u can use Bootcamp(mac OSX 10.5 included) install windows & install windows program, use it like a PC. u can install Parallel/ vmfusion(both cost $$) that can virtualize windows XP/vista, so that u can working between windows & mac OSX.

    no, there s a lot of Freeware for mac just like PC.(u could search or borwse my blog)

    yes of coz, that one of the reasons that designers love mac.

    i m definitely a apple lover, but neutrally say, hp is powerful , durable &, expensive.

    sony got style but dun expect it more.

    Dell quite balance in price & performance, but sorry, i cant stand with its dull outlook.

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