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Fig. 5 shows that the steady-state agreement between

measured and simulated values is reasonably well despite

the fact that steady-state accuracy has been incorporated

coarsely only. At simulation start, the simulated temperatures

diverge slightly from the initial measured state towards a

different steady-state. In general, the temperature difference

between experiment and simulation is larger after the step

which shows that there is a dependency of the model

output on the hot water temperature. This can be related

to temperature-dependent parameters which have been

assumed constant for the simulation, such as evaporation

and solution enthalpy, density and specific heat capacity. As

steady-state accuracy is not the focus in this paper this deviation

shall not be discussed further.

Much more important is the fact that the dynamic agreement

between measured and simulated output data is very

good. Fig. 5 shows that the fluctuations of simulated and measured

hot water outlet temperature are well synchronized,

although there is a slight delay of approximately 10 s of

measured to simulated values. This has to be put into relation

to the 600 s or 10min that it takes to reach a steady-state in

the generator temperatures again.

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    圖5 表示, 穩定協議在被測量的和被模仿的價值之間是合理地好的竟管穩定準確性只粗糙地被合併了。在模仿開始, 被模仿的溫度輕微地分流從最初的被測量的狀態往一另外穩定。總之, 溫度區別在實驗之間和模仿是大的在表示的步之後, 有式樣產品的附庸在熱水溫度。這可能與是被承擔的常數為模仿, 譬如蒸發和解答焓、密度和比熱容量的溫度依賴參量有關。因為穩定準確性不是焦點在本文裡這偏差不會進一步商談。更加重要事實動態協議在被測量的和被模仿的輸出資料之間是非常好的。圖5 表示, 被模仿的和被測量的熱水出口溫度的波動很好同步, 雖然有輕微的延遲大約10 s 測量對被模仿的價值。這必須被投入入聯繫到600 s 或10min 這再花費對伸手可及的距離一穩定在發電器溫度。

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    圖 5在類比啟動,有點從測量的最初的被類比的temperaturesdiverge向adifferent穩態說明。

    通常,在stepwhich 顯示在熱水溫上有modeloutput的從屬性之後,溫度differencebetween實驗和類比更大。

    這可能是relatedto 與溫度有關的參數,有為類比恆定的beenassumed,例如evaporationand 解決辦法焓,密度和具體的熱容量。

    Assteady 說明準確不焦點在這deviationshall不討論更進一步的這紙內。

    更重要的是動態的agreementbetween 測量並且類比的輸出數據是verygood的事實。

    圖 5這必須被放進relationto 再次到達穩態inthe 發電機溫度花費的600 s或者10分

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