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☆夢雨☆ asked in 科學化學 · 1 decade ago

ASTM783 化學成份




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    Withdrawn Standard: ASTM D783 Tentative Method of Test for Water-Vapor Permeability of Paper and Paperboard (Withdrawn 1947)WITHDRAWN, REPLACED BY E96/E96M E96/E96MWITHDRAWN/D783.htm

    現行版本為 E96/E96M

    其概述如下Significance and Use

    The purpose of these tests is to obtain, by means of simple apparatus, reliable values of water vapor transfer through permeable and semipermeable materials, expressed in suitable units. These values are for use in design, manufacture, and marketing. A permeance value obtained under one set of test conditions may not indicate the value under a different set of conditions. For this reason, the test conditions should be selected that most closely approach the conditions of use. While any set of conditions may be used and those conditions reported, standard conditions that have been useful are shown in Appendix X1

    2008-08-16 04:54:28 補充:

    ASTM 和 758 中間應該還有一個英文字母,,板大可能漏打了

    如果不是上面回答的 [[ D]] 783



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