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Where can I get An Arnold Palmer In Manhattan?

Where can i get an Arnold Palmer in NYC. Im talking about the kind in the can made by Arizona((the company). Im looking for a place on the West side if possible(upper west side)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Arnold Palmer (drink)

    From Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia

    An Arnold Palmer or Arnie Palmer, is a drink consisting of half iced tea (either sweetened or unsweetened) and half lemonade. It is named for golfing legend Arnold Palmer and is said to be his favorite beverage.

    Although the beverage was created at the Cherry Creek Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, it is particularly popular in northern West Virginia, Central Ohio and western Pennsylvania, as well as the South, but is known throughout the United States. In some parts of the South particularly Baltimore, it is known as half and half. In southern Ohio, particularly Portsmouth, Ohio, this beverage is known as a “Blend”. A purely cosmetic variation in which the drink is not mixed, causing the lemonade to settle on the bottom and the iced tea to float on the top, is known as an "Adam Palmer". Also if you add a splash of grenadine it is called a "Bryan Palmer".

    The Arizona Beverage Company sells the "Arnold Palmer" in cans and bottles.

    I would either make my own or try the closest convenience store.

    Source(s): Facts from me: MyCokeRewardsCodes
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    Arnold Palmers are half iced tea, half lemonade. You're looking for a place to BUY one? I'd recommend making your own.


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