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Knife Suggestions?! ?

Hey I Was looking For a benchmade folding knife Because My Cabela's Multi-tool is getting old. My Dad has a mini-griptillian and it is Very good so I will probably get that. But Before I buy It I want to see if You have any different Benchmade Knives to Recommend...I am 13 so lets be reasonable and not recommend a 19" Knife. Thanks!

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    a knife eh?

    I would really reccomend a leatherman

    very sturdy knives

    but the multi tool kits are better from my viewpoint, knife doesn't always have the stuff you require

    have a look at these

    might find something you like here

    most of the blades are 5cm or under (2 inches) so I don't think you'll get introuble with a knife like that

    the good thing about them if you break the blade on them you have a 25 year warranty and just send them the item and they'll replace it

    they come at a price, but I would suggest you to shop around for awhile

    I got my leatherman that was about $279 and got it for about $130

    but it is really on the persons preferance

    good luck on your venture of finding a pocket knife

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