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Im Shy around pretty girls and its hurting my chances?

of gettin a girlfriend. i have some friendgirls which r like friends that are chicks that i can talk to n stuff but im not into them like that. when im with my dude friends i talk alot and im funny and stuff but i freeze up around chicks i like and i dont make good impressions. arrg i need advice and the worse thing a girl could do if i asked her out isnt saying "no", she could kick me in the balls, spit on my face, then make out with every guy within 20 feet of her except me (i could see that happening) + sometimes i get erections when i near them n thats aways akward "what? no... thats a banana, but no u cant see it... im not taking it out of my pocket..." if any1 has any advice id love to hear it

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    haha i dk man good luck

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    whoa, okay all that other stuff a girl could do besides just saying "no" is very unlikey, and I have never heard of such a thing if you are polite when speaking to them. Now, if you come up to them and tell them to suck that banana in your pants, then, okay. Please just have confidence in yourself. Even if you are like the ugliest guy on earth (just an example) you aren't going to get a girl if you don't talk to them. We can't read your mind. It's either risk getting rejected, or if you really believe a girl could do all that other stuff like kick you, spit on you, or whatever else-then you take a chance of that possibly happening (not likely) to find love, or you just sit back and continue to wonder why you are shy and can't talk to girls and still not solve your problem. Good luck.

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    I think when u r "crazy about" someone as you say you are you just want someone to wave a magic wand and make them fall in love with you and adore you and all those lovely things. Life and complicated situations such as her ex and the crummy timing seem like the biggest injustices in the world... You just wish all that stuff would disappear and she'd just fall easily and awesomely into your life, right? You are not the only one in the world who feels this way. I feel your pain, guy - I'm in basically the same situation. But I'm a little older than you so let me share what ive learnt...even though I know you're sure you're in love with her you are not. You are infatuated, obsessed, full of adoration. This is lovely and there's nothing wrong/foolish about it but it is not love. I know that's hard to hear but trust me (and if you feel like I do as I've described above youll know you can trust me, right?) it isn't love. Love takes time and when you meet the right girl and the situation's right, Some girl'll come along and love you like you love her. But I still acknowledge it bloody really hurts to feel the way we do. I'm a girl of 26 and I'm hurting so bad about this guy I know - and he's leaving the country in 4 days. I KNOW YOUR PAIN!!! What really makes me sad is that you think you're a loser. Everyones different and finds their special someone at a different point in life. All those friends ur prob comparing yourself to who've got girls etc may not have found what you seem to crave- real love. You sound like a really kind guy with a heart of pure gold- someone will love you for this but you MUSNT let yourself feel bad about yourself- this will erode your loving kindness and turn you bad. Then noone will love you if you can't love yourself. Join a club with people you 100% don't know- this will be hard at first but if it's a fun activity you can throw yourself into you'll make friends and maybe even find that special someone whilst taking your mind off your current object of affection. Good luck and cheer up!

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    I had the same problem as you. When ur pitching a tent put it in ur waist band of you pants or shorts. Talk to hem about something that happened and they were there or at school don't say things that are random make friends with their friends so you hang out with their friends. Get their numbers ask them don't ask ur friend its kinds creppy txt them but don't be obnoxiuos an txt them a lot hope that helps

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    some girls like shy guys, I do. If a girl really likes you she'll find a way to let you know. You'll just have to find the courage to ask someone out. And, not sure about your problem downstairs, but if it's any consolation I never notice"happiness"

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    you aren't the only one who gets shy around pretty girls. Happens to me all the time. I guess building confidence is a good idea, i'm trying to do that as well. talk to them like they were your other friends that are girls, but I guess that can seem weird in ways

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    Have a plan. Don't just walk up to her and ask her out. Ask her how she is. Tell her you like her outfit or her myspace page just compliment her. Have another question or comment planned. If you ask her for example about her myspace page now tell her something that you liked about it. Plan things to talk about to her, this will help with the nervousness. Good luck.

    One more thing. You must make this conversation last longer than 5 mins.

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    In my opinion I think, girls don’t actually like boys who are shy.. I use to b shy when I was in primary sch..And a whole lot of "good" it did to me.....don’t ask!!! So anywz when I went to high sch the same happen..but then during the 3rd yr of high sch I started to act cool and confident. even though i wasnt first but slowly I progressed and from the shy little boy i became the coolest guy in sch..and the chix who i use to think as too gud 4 me in time became too bad 4 me.....

    if u know what u want u have to b confident n act confident. and with time youll start to be that why naturally....dress cool ...and try to look cool....and i dont mean cool as in saying "sup sup" to every 1 u meet.. cool i mean staying hot.. Hope u get what I am trying to say mate.....try it out it wont b easy but it will certainly be great if it works..

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    I'm just like u, join the club....

    I guess u should try ur best and build confidence, that's the best way, start talking to random people more (like I'm doing) so soon u can talk to a girl u really like and make a good impression (which is what I am trying to do soon)

    Good Luck!

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    Advice... Don't get a *****. My motto, Junk up, nuts down. Also don't try so hard... Here is a metaphor.

    You got to plant seeds, and when you plant seeds you must not over water them. Give them some water daily, but remember don't over water.

    Meaning get some girls attention (planting seed)... don't come on to strong (over watering). Give them something they will remember you each day so you impact them everyday, or every other day. (giving them water daily).

    That's my advice bro, don't try to hard and do my metaphor it works! i have many seeds around my school right now and they are growin.

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    wow last part tmi tmi

    no...u have to talk to a girl a little bit b4 u ask her out but most chicks like the shy guys instead of the cockey expeially if ur really nice

    ps don't let her find out about the last part or no girls will talk to u haha no joke

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