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do Olympic gymnasts wear bras and underwear or not?

they look like they dont but i'm not shure plz help

what about swimmers too do they wear anything under the spandex/latex swimsuit

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    have you gone swimming before? i'm guessing you haven't, because everyone knows that when you go swimming, you wear your swimsuit and nothing else but your swimsuit. as for the bra part, female swimmers have bra cups in their swimsuit, which is equivalent to wearing a bra.

    gymnasts don't wear underwear either. their costume is similar to a swimsuit. but i think they wear bras.

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    Swimmers would not wear anything because that would produce extra drag in the pool. The whole point of wearing a tight suit is to not have drag.

    Some gymnasts wear bras, but never underwear. I'm assuming no one wears them in the Olympics.

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    Gymnasts wear sports bras (if needed) but no underwear. There is a built in liner in the bottoms. The leotards are so tight you really don't need any underclothes. Also I don't know who wears underwear beneath a swimsuit.

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    gymnasts wear bras but not underwear, usually, but its really personal preference as to the undies i guess

    and swimmers wear nothing, those suits are hard enough to get on a naked body, forget with something under!! trust me, im a swimmer and on my team we have to help each other in and out of them lol

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    the gymnasts i'm not really sure of.

    i don't think the beach volleyball players do.

    as for the swimmers, they would be just wearing a normal bathing suit so i'm guessing they don't wear underwear either.

    all of the uniforms probably have their own style and liners though.

    haha how funny is this. it's like we're playing "guess if i'm wearing underwear" or something lol.

    hope i helped!!


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    Well, they wear sports bras that are very discreet, so their you know, tah tahs aren't bouncing around when they run and flip. And probably underwear too. But the swimmers don't need underwear, they're in bathing suits.

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    For all that said males do, you are wrong. Male gymnasts wear leotards, they are the same as the female gymnasts but instead wear shorts over them. Women have no need to wear them, as the leotard itself sits so tightly on top of the body.

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    gymnasts wear a bra and sometimes a thong under

    swimmers just wear the really tight swimsuit

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    yes, gymnasts wear bras, not sure bout underwear, probably

    but for swimmers, the lzr racr is soooo tight that they probably wouldn't have room for anything else

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