What committees have McCain and Obama worked on during their careers?

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    McCain, who chairs the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and has led its investigation into some of former Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff's activities, is perhaps best known for his sponsorship of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (often called McCain-Feingold) that banned "soft money" contributions to national political parties. In 1995, McCain sponsored a successful effort to amend Senate rules to bar senators from accepting gifts over $50 or privately funded travel to "recreational" events. McCain co-sponsored 1995 legislation to toughen disclosure requirements for congressional lobbyists. In 1996, McCain -- along with Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) -- tried unsuccessfully to lengthen the one-year time period during which former congressional staffers are prohibited from lobbying their former bosses and committees, and former members of Congress are prohibited from lobbying their colleagues. A September 5, 1996, article in Roll Call quoted McCain as saying the bill would "stop the revolving door and restrict former staff and Members from lobbying the Hill until after a decent cooling-off period elapses."

    But McCain's career also includes a number of activities rarely mentioned by those touting McCain's reformer credentials

    Obama has nothing:

    if Barack Obama is elected as our next US President in 2008, our nation will undergo a wild and ugly transformation...

    Where freedom is taken away from our nation and Obama's people will seek to consolidate their power. Under Obama power and survival is the most important thing.

    Obama is an outright fraud and a liar. Much of what was being said about Hillary and McCain was done by the Obama people, that's why Obama is ahead today!

    By lying, he has deceived the people and media. And by building up a large war-chest he is able to purchase media support and the suppoirt of many others!

    When he is elected, he will make war not only with Iraq and wipe out Iran, but he is going to go against China!

    He and his people hate China with a passion. A vengeance! And due to China's emperor's, a good man and a solid US citizen, postings (opinions and facts) on my.obama.com , my my.obama.com 's blog was deleted by the Obama people. They put spies in your camp to spy on you quietly and secretly, while pretending to be your friends.

    They try to find information about you and if you have opinions, truthful opinions, against Obama, your family is damaged and hurt, your work clients damaged and turned against you, and your former friends are hurt so as to turn against you!

    I have never seen Chicago politics before. Even the Bush administration was clean by Obama's dirty standards.

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    Obama: Senate Foreign Relations, Senate Veterans affairs, sen. Committe on health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, Sen. Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

    McCain: Commerce, Science and Transportation, Indian Affairs, Aviation Operations, safety, and security, Consumer affairs, Interstate commerce, trade and tourism, Science, technology, and Innovation.

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