Are there a lot of black people in Europe as there is in the United States?

You never really hear about a lot of black people or ones that are famous --well, not too much at least-- from Europe like the UK or wherever else as you do in the U.S. Well, I dont cuz I live in America but it something I wonder often...

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    About 14 million black people in Europe thats about half the amount of African Americans. And Europe has double amonth the people than the USA so you see how we are a small proportion and this continent is White in culture history etc.

    Aother reason is Europe speaks many languages the only ones you could possibly are from the English speaking nations which is only the UK where Im from.

    Black British - 3 million

    Its cause we are not one community or culture yet to be known yes we do have a small one though

    But many of Black British are immigrants either from Africa or the Caribbean so they are not part of the one culture my generation have as Im 3d genertion Black British of Africa ancestry and my friends are of Caribbean and African ancestry but African immagrants and Caribbean ones dont get along.

    Basically we are still growing in number African ancestry was small but continuous migration and the fact that our population pyramid is still young remember 100 years ago there were only around 5 million black Americans

    We may be small percentage but our culture is visible

    Black British culture-

    Notting Hill Carnival

    2nd biggest carnival in the world after Rio.

    This carnival was started by the black community after the many race riots 43 years ago.

    We have 4 genres of music



    Uk Hip Hop

    Funky House

    Ne-Yo' song - Closer is from him likig funky house so he copied the style for that song

    Black British culture basically mimiiks black Americans with a different twist to it. To the point we even have bloods and crips here in London what a bunch of fake posers they are I know its sad but shows you to the extent what aspects of Black American culture black people here adore

    Some famous people you should know

    Niamo Campbell

    Meline Spice from Spice girls

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    I think there are a good number of black people in europe, just as black ppl have been brought to america from africa, some were brought to europe and australia. Naomi campbell is one of the few black ppl from europe u ever hear about. I really don't know why that is though.

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    That's because all the rich and royalty white people are running things in Europe. Try going to Africa, there are ALOT of black people there.

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    Well it depends on the areas. Probably not them many. They look like africans or halfbreads. They don't look like the one we have here.

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    All people are everywhere.

    Famous & being Rich either means they got lucky or worked hard.

    What does it matter anyway?

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    There aren't a lot but there are some.

    Source(s): I was in Europe over the summer :))
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