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The 1960s and the 2000s? Then and now?

Then: A generation is shocked at a fairly young age by the assassination of a popular young president.

Now: A generation is shocked by an attack on American soil, something for them that has been unheard of for decades.

Then: Cold War tensions escalate.

Now: Russia is invading Georgia, America is taking Georgia's side, thus distancing the two nations into a somewhat uneasy situation, leaving some wondering if this is just the beginning of another "cold war".

Then: Civil Rights and racism.

Now: The Jena 6 protests.

Then: A generation finds its voice politically.

Now: A generation finds its hero in a young historic leader, and voter registration among young adults double, even triple in some states.

Then: A generation finds itself in a position against the war then.

Now: Majority of young adults now are opposed to the current war.

Then: Music developes a message.

Now: Bands like The Parlor Mob, The Juke Joint,

The Upton Pilots, The Yardbirds, etc., begin to write with a message, some of it political.

Then: An unpopular war is being fought.

Now: Same as above, but instead there is no draft.

Then: The economy is suffering.

Now: The United States begins to fall into a recession that is expected to get worse.

What's your thoughts? Are we falling back into a time in which everything was up in the air, and people were divided, etc.? I'm not saying things are exactly the same, they just seem really similar. What's your thoughts on this? Please answer if you actually have something to say on the matter. Peace!

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    ~Too many misstatements to correct them all, but Kennedy was hardly a popular president and it was highly possible that he would have lost the '64 election. That's why he went to Dallas in the first place. Anyone with any knowledge of US meddling in the Middle East (like when we put the Shah on the Peacock Throne after we assassinated the highly popular, democratically elected reformer Mohammad Mossadeq then created, organized, trained, financed and assisted SAVAT to keep him there. Or, after training him to assassinate reformer Abdel-Karim Qaasim, we helped Saddam seize power in Iraq. Or, even as they held our hostages in Iran, we armed, trained, instigated and financed Islamic fundamentalists who we then called "nationalists" "patriots" and "freedom fighters" but who we now call "terrorists" "warlords" and "The Taliban". One of them was Osama bin Laden) and how we then turned on our erstwhile allies, WTC was no shock. It had been a simple matter of "where and when" for at least a generation.

    The biggest difference between the '60s and today. In the '60s we read and learned and doubted the pap being spewed by our glorious leaders and investigated to find the real 'truth' and when our rulers refused to be accountable, we took to the streets and to the polls. Today, the likes of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly are not only listened to and believed but they get rich from the minions of morons who buy into what they say. The Patriot Act is passed with nary a whimper. Gitmo torture is applauded. There is overwhelming support for unjustified, unjustifiable, immoral and illegal invasions of sovereign states and the slaughter is applauded until the heathens on the other side have the audacity to shoot back and the body bags start coming home.

    The '60s were unique in US history. The sincere activists of the '60s are all but gone. Our children and grandchildren, unfortunately, didn't learn the lessons or lack the gumption to get up from their playstations to do anything with those lessons. Puts one in mind of Germany in the '30s, but no one notices that, either. The media dropped the ball too. What with the mess we inspired in Georgia, the overtures we are making to Khadify, the overthrow of our buddy in Pakistan and the resurgence of the Pakistani nuclear program (which we allowed to be revived when Osama and company needed the terrorists camps CIA built for them when they were our pawns), what does the press concentrate on? Oh, yeah. John Edwards got laid. Truly, anyone with half a brain must fear for our survival. So it goes.

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    There is no diplomacy in the woorld. War is all anyone thinks about. Gun control should see that is is the people who are causing the violence. Guns are not the problem. It is idiots in high positions. We need to get rid of politicians who think we want to like them. We want tyhem to do their job or leave office and give someone else a chance. Career politicians are just like whale S H I T they all need to be at the bottom of the ocean. Vote them out in November with a write in for every office..

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