what file are screen savers under?

looks dumb on the surface but its not a dumb question of course i know how to change my screen save no the problem i am haveing is when i search my computer for my ribbons screen saver standerd with vista i cant find it now i understand that i can cahnge my background to a screen saver with the .scr thingy in cmd what i am affter though is to just go to chose background and look for my ribbons screen saver than use that i have dream desktop but i am not paying 18 bucks for some thing i could probly do on my own any one got sugestions on were how to find my screen savers? or any one got a free version of dream desktop that doesnt require i pay for all other dreams that i download if so tell me would be very greatfull

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If you are asking what folder a SCR file needs to be in to work, it's C:\Windows\system32

    However, this question is such a mess, you might not be asking that. If so, take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, type slowly and employ punctuation as you ask a follow-up question.

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