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How is the food at Panda Express, gourmet chinese food?

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    Panda express was an off-shoot of a sit down chain called the Panda Inn. Panda Inn is one of the best Chinese places you will ever eat at. It blows PF Changs away. Most of the menu items from Panda Express came from long time staples of the sit down chain. Do they compare? Not really. That is just the history. There are many "fast food" Chinese joints that are less expensive and more tasty than Panda Express.

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    It's alright, but, it is not gourmet Chinese food! Panda Express is more like fast food style Chinese food, yummy but not good for you.

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    I had their food on several occasions...fried rice, lo mein, orange chicken, chicken with green beans, beef with broccoli, egg roll. It was pretty good but not wonderful. I had much better Chinese food elsewhere. Also, every time I ate at Panda Express I had a stomachache.

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    Panda Express is one of those fast-food restaurants that serves up some kind of ethnic food, but rather than authentic ethnic food they've created a kind of hybrid American version that can be cooked up in a breeze. There are many such American quasi-ethnic restaurant chains. Check :

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    It's good when you're at the mall and hungry. Just walking by the Panda Express makes you drool from the nice aroma ! But it's over-priced for sure.

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    its good MALL food but gourmet Chinese far from it you want chinese food that is a little more on the gourmet side go to P.F Changs

  • Food unlike a chinese gourmet.... its passable palatable but not awesome

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    It's ok. Def not gourmet. lol It's not even REAL chinese food.

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    It's OK, but not "gourmet" by any means.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    oh my gosh.

    i love it.

    the orange chicken is the best.

    Their noodles are really good too.

    I have neverhad any problems with them or their food.

    so try it.

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