Craig's List? Is it a good job seeking source?

Is it a good website to look for jobs?

does anyone actually call back to our e-mails?

or is all the job postings fake? or real?

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    1 decade ago
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    Nothing good has ever come to me via Craigslist in terms of gainful employment.

    I did do one 'test' job on spec for this jewelry magazine who claimed they were desperately seeking someone to do some editorial illustration. It was a 'rush' job and the woman claimed that if she liked my art, she'd hire me to do a whole layout.

    Well, I created this absoultely amazing illlustration and rushed to do this...only to have her respond she didn't like it. When I asked her to send me a copy of the issue of the magazine issue in which my work was not 'good enough', she became HOSTILE...In other NOT do anything on spec because I highly suspect she USED the illustration and simply did not pay me...perhaps pocketting the funds. I researched this company to try to get a copy of the magazine only to be on a wild goose chase...but I have the emails with our communication re: the spec the event I ever do get my hands on this magazine and see MY art in there..I'll sue. BUt--I digress...point being, over the past few years of trying to procure employment/paying gigs via Craigslist, I have had NO luck...and I am a very talented super-realism portrait artist with over 20 years experience...most of the "opportunities" listen on Craigslist I have encountered are bogus and scams.

    Serious employers must list viable job opportunities in places like credible newspapers and jobsites...NOT craigslist. Just my opinion.

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    Depends on where you are. It's a great resource near San Francisco, and pretty lousy in Milwaukee, for example. It also depends what kind of job you want. It's better for waiters, baristas and graphic designers than it is for paralegals, accountants & most other professional/white collar positions.

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    some things are scams and you have to be careful about them it tells you how to stay away from scams on the website..but overall its a good site i just got a good retail job by clicking that site and give them your phone number they will either call or e-mail or both.

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