made-for-tv movie title for sci-fi movie starring Richard Crenna & Merlin Olsen about a comet hit ?

near Phoenix, AZ - also it's availability for purchase & from whom.

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    A Fire in the Sky (1978 TV movie)

    starring Richard Crenna, Elizabeth Ashley, David Dukes, Joanna Miles, Lloyd Bochner, Merlin Olsen, Andrew Duggan, Nicolas Coster, John Larch, Jenny O'Hara, Michael Biehn

    IMDb review:

    A long-forgotten classic disaster movie, this one was certainly far superior to bigger budget, moronic trash like "Armageddon". Scientists discover a large comet is heading towards a possible collision with Earth. While many believe it will ultimately miss or burn up hitting the atmosphere, two astronomers are convinced its going to hit just outside Phoenix, Arizona. With the help of a news station owner, they try to warn a skeptical public. If you watch this movie expecting spectacular effects like "Deep Impact", you'll be disappointed; although the special effects it does have are very good for its time, they are not really this movie's highlight. But what this movie does do exceptionally well is explore the kind of reactions one would expect from the public and officials to the prospect of such a bizarre, massive and seemingly unlikely disaster, which is total disbelief and denial. Then panic and chaos set in as they realize that not only is the destruction of Phoenix inevitable, but also they may have waited too long to evacuate everyone. The final 30 minutes or so are particularly effective, even grim at times, as evacuation crews and the military run out of time and are themselves ordered to leave. Performances range from effective to rather weak, Richard Crenna is pretty good as astronomer Voight, who desperately pounds podiums left and right trying to get people to listen to him and delivers some of the more memorable one-liners, such as "You can't miss us. There's a big white arrow pointing right down at us!"

    I couldn't find it on VHS or DVD. All that keeps showing up is "Fire in the Sky" with D,B. Sweeney.

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