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Did Helen Keller get laid?

I know it's a bit of an odd question, but it's something I've wondered about throughout my life. If anybody has the answer to this question I would appreciate it.

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    BIker dude is correct about Peter Fagan, or whatever his name is.

    Helen did fall in love but her mother forced the two apart.

    However, it must be noted that, based on knowledge of Helen's politics, views, etc, she was liberal enough to not likely have a problem with sex before marriage, even in those old days (early 1900's)

    So the likely answer is.. quite possibly..

    Source(s): Helen Keller- A life a book I read.
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    Helen Keller In Love

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Did Helen Keller get laid?

    I know it's a bit of an odd question, but it's something I've wondered about throughout my life. If anybody has the answer to this question I would appreciate it.

    Source(s): helen keller laid:
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    The latter is the case, and asking why questions re: the divine will of God is useless efforts. They don't ever get answered. By the by, there is a true story about Helen's path to faith. It seems that after she was taught to sign, and therefore to communicate, someone shared the good news of the gospel of Christ with her and her response was, "I already knew Him; I just didn't know His name." It kind of shoots down the thinking of many that creation itself does not testify of God's wonder and power.....therefore, they are without excuse. Helen Keller looked at the design and could see the Designer.

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    Love--A moment of love did come in Helen's life. In 1916, a young man named Peter Fagan had been hired to help while Anne Sullivan was ill and Polly was away. During a time when he and Helen were alone, he declared his love and told her she was beautiful. She had never been told she was beautiful and she fell for him. They agreed to keep their feelings secret for the moment, but eventually Helen's mother learned of the matter. A reporter had found an application for a marriage license by Peter and Helen in the city records. Helen's mother immediately took charge. She believed she saw flaws in the young man's character, and he was immediately relieved of his duties and sent away. Although there were a few follow-up letters between Helen and Peter (written in Braille), the romance died.

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    Marriage was a dream of Helen Keller's. At the age of 36, Helen was a beautiful woman. She was interested in men, but she also felt conflicted about love and marriage. She wondered who would want to be burdened with someone like her. She said, "I can't imagine a man wanting to marry me." However, in the summer of 1916 things changed for Helen. Anne, Helen's teacher, was sick and put on strict bed rest to recover, and Helen's secretary, Polly Thomson, was gone on vacation to Scotland. A man by the name of Peter Fagan was helping Helen in Polly's absence.

    Helen was overwhelmed and depressed when Peter approached her. He took her hand tenderly and confessed his feeling towards her. He even told her that he hoped to marry her. Helen later wrote, "His love was a bright sun that shone upon my helplessness and isolation."

    Helen was delighted. The two took walks together, enjoyed each other's company, and fell deeply in love. Helen wanted to tell her mother and Annie about Peter, but he convinced her not to. He even applied for a marriage license. Before Helen could tell her mother of this, a newspaper article appeared and mentioned the marriage license application. Helen was taken to her sister Mildred's home in Alabama.

    Peter managed to get letters to Helen in braille telling her of his plans for them to elope (run off and get married), and Helen did manage to sneak out of the house with her bags packed, but Peter never showed up. Helen had no way of knowing what happened. She was very disappointed and heartbroken, but she came to believe that it was for the best. She referred to this time of love as her "little island of joy," but Helen Keller would never marry.

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    I like your question - but the wording is a real turn off.

    Biker Dude - thank you for a lovely story.

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    Yeah nicer, like: Did anybody ever hit that.......

  • I do not know, but you could have put it in nicer terms. ROFL.

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