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Z-Man asked in PetsReptiles · 1 decade ago

Snakes - Love them or hate them?

Some people love snakes, some people hate them. Fear of venomous snakes in humans is natural, because some can be harmful or even lethal, but even so, only a very small percent of snakes are poisonous, and most people forget that, because they are uneducated about them. The general hatred towards snakes is developed beyond fear. Those that hate them will either be afraid of snakes from birth, or become brainwashed by the media.

Stories and movies such as “The Jungle Book,” “Rikki Tikki Tavi” and Indiana Jones all have snakes playing an evil character, a bad guy. These are the common stereotypes for any kind of snake. Just think, if you called someone a “snake,” you were probably calling them cold and treacherous, and not a legless reptile. Rarely will you find a snake playing the part of a hero in a movie. And on the news, you only ever hear of big snakes such as anacondas swallowing children, which is quite rare and unlikely. They don’t ever tell you of shy snakes being scared away by humans. Of course, the earliest trace of snakes being portrayed this way goes back to the book of Genesis, in which Satan takes the form of a snake in the Garden of Eden and fools Adam and Eve into sampling the forbidden fruits of the Tree of Knowledge. But this can be interpreted several different ways, just as we have so many different branches of Christianity. Satan is of course evil, and takes on many forms in our life. So, if for example, Satan became a dog, that certainly doesn’t mean that all dogs are evil and wicked as is he.

There are many common misconceptions about snakes that lead people to the idea that they are malevolent killers:

1) Snakes are slimy – Snakes are not slimy, they have smooth and dry scales and they do not ooze some sort of slimy secretion as the word slimy suggests.

2) Snakes are cold-blooded killers – It is true that snakes are cold-blooded, but that just means that their bodies do not produce enough heat. They only kill as a necessity to live, unlike humans, which can kill for greed and power. All heterotrophs have methods of killing: snakes either poison or crush their prey, lions have sharp claws for stabbing and tearing flesh, and humans use tools to stab, slice, or blow up other animals. So what’s so wrong about that? You must be a hypocrite unless you are vegetarian.

3) Snakes have cold, lifeless eyes – So do teddy bears. Snakes don’t have eyelids, so how can they avoid staring at you?

They do play important roles, such as keeping the rodent population in check. (Not that rodents are bad either)

So now the question: what is your opinion? Many people who have ever owned a pet snake can tell you that they make wonderful pets. Snakes are beautiful, graceful creatures. Even the more dangerous kinds are wonderful and fascinating. And even if one bites, you should know that it was a lot more afraid of you than you were of it. They bite only as a matter of self-defense. And if you must answer, take care to give a well explained opinion, not just another stereotype. It is quite true that most people will never be able to overcome their fears of snakes, but they should try to be a little more open-minded and stop going to methods such as killing them or running them over on the road, because most roadkill events can be avoided.

Thank you, I respect your opinions.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Well I believe that snakes are just one of the most wonderful and beautiful pets anyone could ever own. They are low maintenance and easy to care for. I mean yes snakes does bite but even so, its the handler that probably brought it on themselves.

    I don't believe that people should just judge so quickly when seeing one. They haven't done anything to you, it's only the media and movies such as "Snake on the plane" that makes you believe they are killing machine when they really aren't. I've own many snakes in my life and not one has been the killing machine the movies had made them out to be... I think the only real killing machine on earth is us, humans. We are the ones who start wars, the snakes has done nothing to us, we were the ones that mess with them first. Most snakes are harmless to us unless we mess with them first. Like a anaconda for example, they wouldn't try to kill us if we didn't approach to them first. Or maybe a pit viper... we were the ones who mess with them or else why would they try to run after you if you never try to mess with them. Yes, not all snakes are non-venomous but the ones are are non-venomous(ball pythons, corn snake, king snake, red tail boas, burmese pythons, retic pythons, etc.) don't be so quick to judge them or their owner. The owners who owns them aren't bad people either. I know a lot of people who won't even talk to other people if they own snakes or when step in their yards.

    I think that snakes(ball pythons or corn snakes) are one of the best beginner pets for any child(with adult supervision of course) because they don't need to be handle often, they don't eat regularly and they don't poop every day.

    Well people who thinks ewwww snakes eats live rats and mice, well think about this. There are other type of food they can get like maybe frozen/thawed feeders but it is the owner's choice to feed them the live. It would be best if they didn't though.

    Let alone all of that, I do respect people's wishes of not being near one. I understand that sometimes people are just scare of them and there is nothing snake lovers can do to change that. But even so, I would like it more if people who hate snakes just be a little moee open minded about it. Or at least just don't think that snakes are the real killers in this world because they really aren't.

    I love all my snakes. Though they have bitten me, it doesn't matter. I really brought it on myself. And to all the stupid people who post the OMG the corn snake bit me and took a huge gash out of my arm or leg...get a life. Quit scaring people. Snakes aren't the horrible animals people had made them out to be. I think they are just sweethearts....and quite awesome to own =]

    Source(s): Owns 6 ball pythons, 6 red tail boas, 1 corn snake, 1 king snake, 1 iguana, 1 hamster, 1 dog. Yet I love all my animals the same...but snakes had always been the best.
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  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    I am completely 100% petrified of snakes. I cannot look at them in cages, I cannot look at them on TV and I cannot even think about them for very long at all. I was once not so afraid of them. As a child I could steer clear of them, but it was no where near as bad as it is now. I even took a class that dealt heavily with them when i was in Jr. High. I have no idea why I'm now so afraid of them. I would not kill them however, purposefully or on accident if I could avoid it. I will simply run the other way. I hate them, but they're in their natural environment which I am invading. Therefore they have more right to be there than I do. I just cannot abide any kind of snake, garter or rattle, it doesn't matter. I had a nightmare several years ago that I think led to this insane phobia. I had fallen into a pit of snakes much like Indiana Jones did a couple times and I could not get out. I think my fear of such a thing magnified an already existing fear into something unexplainable. It's irrational, but I cannot and will not try to overcome it. I will however avoid them whenever possible. I will not turn my children off to them, in fact we go to our local zoo, Henry Doorly quite often and they enjoy looking at the snakes with my husband. I look at other things while I wait.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well I honestly have to say I love snakes. I agree that people do have a fear of snakes that they think they will never overcome. However, I have experienced many people who fear snakes to death and once have been givin' the opportunity to touch them or be close to them in person...they usually become less afraid. I have 2 children and do not fear my snakes harming them. My husband and I have had snakes for over 20 years. Currently we have throughout our house a beautiful collection.

    We have the following.

    1 Reticulated Python (13 feet long)

    1 Reticulated Python (7 feet long)

    1 Yellow Headed Reticulated Python (7 feet long)

    1 Yellow Anaconda (4 feet long)

    1 Morph California King (5 feet long)

    1 Columbian Red-tail Boa (6 feet long)

    1 Reversed striped California King (5 feet long)

    1 Grey banded California King (4 feet long)

    1 Albino Burmese Python (7 feet long)

    Our 13 foot Retic has an enclosure that is 7 feet wide, 4 feet deep & 8 feet tall. He loves it. All our animals are housed throughout our home. In the living room mostly. I have 2 spare bedrooms that will be soon turned into reptile rooms. I love the snakes....they do require proper care however are considered a high priority in our house. There's nothing like waking up to a snake bit in the morning!

    Love snakes endlessly!

    Source(s): Reptile owner 20+ years
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  • 1 decade ago

    I love snakes. I think they are fascinating and beautiful creatures. I have a one as a pet - a royal python.

    In response to your comment about 'The Jungle Book' - in the original book by Rudyard Kipling, the snake, Kaa, is a good guy. He rescues Mowgli when he is kidnapped by monkeys, and teaches him things, like how to defeat the 'red dogs' (dholes). It's only in the Disney movie that he was made into a bad guy. That whole film is so far removed from the book that Mr. Kipling would turn in his grave.

    As you rightly say, most snakes are non-venomous, and only a small percentage of those that are venomous are harmful to humans. Even these are not out to get you as some people seem to think - they need their venom for killing their prey, and would prefer not to waste it on defence. They will bite only as a last resort, if threatened and unable to escape.

    Even the largest snakes in the world, the green anaconda and reticulated python (both can reach lengths of around 33 feet, but the anaconda is much heavier at up to 550lb) cannot eat a normally-sized adult human - the width of our shoulders makes it impossible. Ridiculous films like 'Anaconda' seem to convince people otherwise - the amount of factual errors in that piece of garbage is incredible. Films like this, and fairy-tales, are responsible for demonizing many animals besides snakes, for example wolves, rats, bats and so on. There are reported cases of reticulated pythons eating children, and even very small adults, but there are no verifiable records of anacondas doing so. Incidentally, constrictors like these snakes kill by suffocating their prey, not by crushing it as is commonly believed. They coil around their victim and tighten their coils each time it breathes out, until it can no longer draw breath and suffocates. (By the way, lions kill with their teeth, not their claws).

    I would just like to clarify what is meant by the term 'cold-blooded'. It does not necessarily mean that these animals have cold blood - they often have a higher body temperature than warm-blooded animals. A better term is 'ectothermic'. It simply means that these animals cannot regulate their temperature internally as endothermic (warm-blooded) animals can. Instead, they must rely on their environment to control their temperature, basking in the sun to warm up and moving to the shade or into water to cool down.

    Snakes, like all animals, need to be respected for what they are, not feared or hated for what people erroneously believe them to be.

    Source(s): I used to be a zookeeper, where I looked after numerous snakes, and have kept and studied them for years.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I hate snakes, they make me feel a certain way when i see one; they make my skin crawl, so to speak. I don't understand why someone would have one as a pet, but to each his/her own. I wouldn't want to ever touch one, or even come within reaching distance of one. I don't think that i have a phobia against them, but i do dislike them. Also i don't believe that i fall into the following the stereotypes about snakes category. I see them as an animal that serves a purpose that i just wouldn't want to come into contact with. I feel the same way about bugs, and rodents.

    Source(s): I don't know if you ever saw that movie The Craft. But there's a scene when one of the girls is trying to run away from the other girls, and she’s surrounded by snakes, bugs, and rats. Well that scene always gets me because it puts together 3 things that make me itch.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I have 5 and love them all, especially our girl Penny. She will crawl back and forth between me and my boyfriend while we watch TV, and I nap with her on me, and she just stays there with me, chilling. The 3 other ball pythons are a bit more anti social, but they were purchased from breeders who didn't have too much time for interaction, and we got Penny when she was a teeny tiny baby girl. The corn, Pinkie, is way hyper to be out for long, but I love him.

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  • Ashlee
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I love snakes. I would have one as a pet except my mom won't have one in our house! So she obviously hates them! Not all snakes are dangerous. If they were, they wouldn't have them in Petsmart! I think snakes are beautiful mysterious and fascinating animals.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i love snakes...but my parents hate them. they arent scary at all. i find them cute. i go to pet stores and hold some just cuz i wont be able to have some until after i move out of my parents house.

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  • 6 years ago

    My Favorite Animal. I love snakes to death.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I personally think they are creepy but so cool at the same time. But I wouldn't want one as a pet!!!!

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