Recommend a book? ?


I like authors such as Andy McNab and Chris Ryan.

What would be a good book to pass a three hour train journey?

Either from these authors or from similar ones you would recommend?


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    1 decade ago
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    Well I dont know too much about McNab or Ryan, but I am a big fan of Stephen King.

    My favorites so far are....

    Salem's Lot.....A mysterious man comes to a town and buys an old deserted house. Around the same time an author named Ben Mears comes and begins dating a woman named Susan Norton. When Ben was a child, he had a terrible experience involving the house that Straker (The mysterious businessman) has bought. People are getting killed all around the town. And all of them are coming back and killing more people. I wont mention any more because I dont want to spoil it for you, but its really great.

    The other favorite is...

    Carrie. A high school outcast named Carrie is picked on every day at school because of her religiously extreme mother. But when she discovers she posseses telekinetic powers, she realizes just what she can do. A truly scary book.

    These probably arent the type of books you are looking for, but I think you should try them, and that they could be a breath of fresh air from what you are reading now.

    Hope I helped.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Have you read all of Andy McNab's books. Here is a link to some more that I am sure you can find at your nearest book store:

    I sense a military theme? Well here are some links to some books that may peak your interest:

    1) Sales Rank: 218

    2) Sales Rank: 368

    3) Sales Rank: 873

    I included the sales rank. The lower the number the more popular the book. And remember, Barnes & Noble sells hundreds of thousands of books.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Bats, Brats, and Stats - George Brennan, Jr.

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