Question on nickname for Sienna?

I have 2 daughters: Callista who goes by Callie 100% of the time, and Sienna. We call her Cece usually. Do you think as she gets in school, that this is a viable name for her to go by or too babyish? If so, how would you spell it?

2nd part to my question, do you think Sienna is more commonly used by one race than another?

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    Hmm, good question...

    Having a nickname in school, though is a lot more difficult than what most parents think.

    For years I went by Danie, then in freshman year in high school I dropped the "e" and added an "n".

    Now, in my repetition of Junior year (my fault, too), I go by Elle. (first name is Danielle)

    Best bet for a name like Sienna would in fact be CeCe.

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    She might pick up a different nickname among her friends, in which case they'll call her that, and you'll continue to call her Cece, and all should be well, unless she asks you to stop, or use her new nickname, in which case, DO.

    For some reason people tend to favor "i"s nowadays, so you might change the "e"s to "i"s, but it probably doesn't matter.

    Unfortunately for your second part, I've never actually met someone named Sienna, so I can't estimate on that. It sounds vaguely Spanish but I'm honestly not sure of its linguistic or cultural background.

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    first Of all great choice of name Sienna Is Nice! but in our day and age with everything being cut really short, go towards whats quickest and easiest to say (weve become lazy) she will definately get called " C" or "Ci" same thing diff spelling . My cousins name is cerese and she used to get CC when she was younger now we call her sirsee lol. dont know why ? we just do. My name is Skye and i get skydie off close family and friends! but my Bfriend calls me Popit? His name Is dion and I call Him "D"

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    Sienna is a place outsid Rome Italy cute name....

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    1 decade ago

    Umm, i would call her Ce or anna.. no i dont think so!

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