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what are the different animals that can x breed?

like some examples, wallaby x kangaroo, donkey x horse, donkey x zebra, horse x zebra, tigers x lions, animals like that, and maybe a picture of one if it is possible?

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    Here's a zedonk, a zebra / donkey hybrid. Sweeeet!

    Here's a liger:

    There is an animal called a Przewalski's horse that can produce fertile offspring with a normal horse, even though it has a different number of chromosomes.

    Some people think that humans and chimps could inter-breed. I'm not sure if anyone has tried it. It would be deeply immoral, but worth doing just to annoy the creationists!

    PS. Scientists have tried crossing a donkey with an onion. Usually they just get a long-eared onion, but just occasionally they get an a** that makes your eyes water.

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    The Russian scientist Karpachenko successfully crossed radish and cabbage and got fertile offspring. Unfortunately it had all of the worst components of each parent and was inedible

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