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Why did Georgia attack South Ossetia in the first place?

I'm trying to figure out how it all started.


That's right, I don't have a full view of the issue, that's why I'm asking here and trying to learn what's going on, but, you know, everybody says different things. I'm not Russian, Ossetian, or Georgian and I'm not "supporting" anyone, I just try to find out what happened.

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    1 decade ago
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    To kill as many osetians possible and make other flee in terror.

    There is how I have figured that:

    Both US and Russian media are lying. Thats obvious, as mass-media is a weapon too.

    Its difficult to expect any pro-Russian stuff from CNN, right?

    On the first day of fighting there was a nice movie by CNN. Featuring dark night and bright flares of starting missiles in the background of voice telling us about Russian invasion. Wait, it was only evening in Georgia and russians have joined war in the midday. It takes time to send the movie to some studio and prepare some breaking-news, at least an hour I'd say. And camera men should travel that to the front, Tskhinvali city is far from Georgian capital city of Tbilisi. So that couldn't be that night, this is previous night: August 07. And there were no russian forces in Georgia at that moment... So missiles are Georgian!

    Lets take a closer look on them. They're flying in the very fast rate. Axelerate, then rocket engine stops and disappears in the night. Do you know what this weapon is? It is 'Grad' soviet era indirect missile artillery designed to kill lots of infantry in the field. It is useless against tanks and strongpoints. And it is very inacurate... Warhead turns into numerous splinters on detonation effectively killing everyone around. And 'Grad' provides rain of such rockets. Rain of death.

    Do you imagine this? Without declaration of war, warnings et.c. in the middle of night, when people are sleeping at their homes someone bombards city with 'Grad'. This is not a police action against rebels, this attempt to kill as many of them (children, women, everyone) as possible and make others run in terror. That exactly happened. Saakashvili is a war criminal.

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    1 decade ago

    South Ossetia is a part of Georgia. The Russians encouraged the people in South Ossetia to rebel against Georgia, and helped them by supplying them with arms. There was a war between the Georgians and the Russian-backed militia in South Ossetia, and the Georgians withdrew. The Russians sent in "peacekeepers" to keep the Georgians from retaking their own territory, and started issuing Russian passports to the residents of South Ossetia and calling them "Russian citizens."

    The Georgians eventually got tired of a Russian-supported breakaway region within their territory (there is another actually, called Abkhazia, basically the same story) and launched an offensive to retake Ossetia. The Russians responded by invading Georgia, shelling its cities, sinking its navy, and basically reminding tiny Georgia that as far as Russia is concerned Georgia is not a real country and can be punished without recourse. The Russians blame Georgia for all of this, which is laughable.

    Recently the Russians have claimed that they are honoring a ceasefire. What's really happening is that the Russians have invaded Georgia, destroying Georgian military installations and unleashing the South Ossetian militia into Georgia to burn, loot, and murder Georgian civilian areas.

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    1 decade ago

    They wanted to control South Ossetia. They assumed that the Americans would support them. As the New York Herald Tribune reported today (August 14, 2008), they launched their offensive with the idea that it is easier to get forgiveness than permission. The USA in the person of Condoleezza Rice warned them in July not to start a war with the military aid that they received, but they did so, anyways.

    I don't see how the link that was cited (by rru888) as support for the view that Georgia did not start the war in any way supports that view.

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    4 years ago

    Russia outfitted a oil pipeline that runs by that area. It elements Europe with Russian oil. Exxon wanted the rights to that oil pipeline yet Putin flow it rather. (because that is Russian oil what became Exxon wondering?) besides, out of anger Exxon ordered Bush to "Rattle the sabers" in Russia's route and domestic dog canines Bush replied by technique of putting missiles in Poland, and Russia replied by technique of threatening to positioned Missiles in Iran or the position ever, besides, The dude in George though he'd want to get his fingers on some oil pipeline taxes so he could purchase an fantastically sweet domicile on the black Sea and inventory it with a bunch of warm 18 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous sex bitches and clearly previous Georgie said an oppertunity to coach his masters at Exxon what a heck of a activity he's doin' for them so he hinted to this Georgian fool that u . s . a . would help him militarily if want be so of route after ordering the drapes for his new sex pad he released a attack into South Ossetia to commence gathering the tax income the different case he'd close down the pipe line yet rather Russia kicked his ***** *** in about 6 days and the President of Georgia observed as Bush begging for the help and clearly Bush wasn't answering the phone 'reason he became too busy hiding from the guy, so 1000's of people died for some stupid 1/2 sponsored motives and Bush made u . s . a . look as if a fool again and the Republicans blamed the Democrats in congress and in the period in-between housing expenditures fell in u . s . a . and next week a million/third of all operating human beings in this usa will be laid off because Bush fuxxed up the banking market too. Make experience now? OIL

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    There had been a clash between Georgian troops and South Ossetian paramiltiary. (Likely encouraged by Russia to bait Saakashvili, the president of Georgia.)

    Saakashvili had been elected by promising to reunite Georgia, and was facing pressure to do so.

    He invaded South Ossetia to reclaim it, using the recent clash as an excuse. He assumed the Russians wouldn't attack. He was wrong.

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    Very simple. Georgians want to live in ossetia. But in ossetia live ossetians and want to live further(because it is their native land:) ). So georgians and ossetians fight each other for many years.

    Now backed by the USA georgians maked massive bombing of the largest town in Ossetia to make rapid capture of this town(further - capture of Ossetia and expatriation of ossetians). They knew they are killing civilians. And killed 2000 of them. But rapid capture failed because of russians.

  • 1 decade ago

    Plenty of examples of parent nations putting down local difficulties with great brutality. That night was chosen because everyone (except the Russians apparently) would be preoccupied with the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

    The problem the Russians have is that by coming to the rescue of their beleaguered ethnics, they have set a precedent they may not be entirely comfortable with. Chechnya next? East Prussia? Karelia?

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    1 decade ago

    Read the article linked below. It has all the answers (which, for some reason, the media in the U.S. won't tell...guess they have to get back to talking about celebrities).

    Basically Georgia invaded part of what technically is inside their own borders, an area faithful to Russia. Russia knew this was coming and was ready, so invaded in retaliation.

    Of course, Russia knew that they would be unopposed by other nations, even though Georgia is an ally of the U.S., because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan mean that we don't have anyone left to help Georgia out.

    Now the politicians are all saying that "nations don't invade other nations in the 21st century" after they voted to let the U.S. invade Iraq. Go figure.

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    georgia has never, in it's entire history, attacked any other country and why on earth would it attack ossetia seeing as russia is it's ally and all they want to do is get the georgian territory since 1921?!

    georgians just entered tskhinvali to protect the georgians living there. tskhinvali is said to be russian but there still are georgians living there. they were shooted for whole 4 days and then the georgians entered the region. and that was all the russians wanted to enter georgia passing through roki , and saying they were trying to protect their people they started bombing the capital of the country and other cities. seeing as you ask that question i don't think you have a full view of the situation. i have cos i'm georgian, and the one who lost friends who were trying to save ppl in the willages and cities which russians entered or bombed...just don't read russian web sites so you get the right information, that's the only country saying awful lies...

    Source(s): http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/08/war_in_so... , my own eyes, history, facts
  • 1 decade ago

    No one can say the honest answer, except Saakashvili - if he be honest, of course.

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