how was the security council of the united nations picked?

were they voted in? and can it ever be changed? what if china starts taking over the world! can more countries be added to it?

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    The five permanent members were negotiated when the UN, and the SC, were formed. It's the only way certain super powers would be willing to participate in the UN. Unfortunately, nothing was agreed to at the time as to how the five permanent members ever would be changed. There are many calls for the permanent membership of Security Council makeup to be changed, but that can't happen unless the five permanent members all agree to such.

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    1 decade ago

    after the 2nd world war, the winners are these 5 permanent members. as seen today, a couple of them r no longer powerful but still acting so. the SC was created by the Allied powers - actually the 2 main powers then - UK USA to ensure that they continue to dominate the world. the other 3 were happy with it and went along.

    a few yrs ago - there was a suggestion to change the permanent members which the 5 resisted, naturally.

    so instead they hv the rotating members. no big deal as the big 5 has veto powers.

    anyway, UN is still a toothless tiger or ant or whatever - so it doesnt make much difference. look at georgia - no one cld stop russia.

    as for china - if we look at history - they still hv this middle kingdom concept. so the likelihood of them sending armies to conquer beyong their mid-kingdom is still far-fetched. tibet has all long been theirs - tho many will disagree!

    they dont need to dominate militarily. their economic power is sufficient to do so. and thats what they want - like japan / germany. very satisfied with their $$$ and let those 2 / 3 other members continue with their military adventures. enter africa and we will see everything chinese now!! will they conquer africa militarily- NO!

    will usa / russia lose their infuence NO! georgia was a reminder that they're still around. in gist this is what its all about and u shld research some of UN's notes / papers etc and if u read in between the lines this is what u get.

    no worries


    Source(s): retired international civil servant.
  • 1 decade ago

    The secruity council has 5 permanent seats (China, France, U.S.A, Russia, and U.K.) and 10 temperary seats which a for a two year term and are elected in by the General Assembly. The 5 permanent seats cannot be changed.

  • JW.C
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    1 decade ago

    There are many members of the UN with 5 permanent members that have veto power. The members that aren't permanent can be removed from the council.

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