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例如: WTF...

越多越好 謝謝!!

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    WTF What The Freak (polite form)

    WTF Waking the Fallen (Avenged Sevenfold album)

    WTF Washington Tennis Foundation

    WTF Wasn't That Funny

    WTF Waste Treatment Facility

    WTF Water Task Force

    WTF Watergate Task Force

    WTF Way To Fail

    WTF Way to Fly

    WTF Weapons Tactics Force (gaming)

    WTF Weapons Task Force (gaming)

    WTF Weekly Top Five

    WTF Welcome to Finland

    WTF Well and Truly Freaked (polite form)

    WTF Werewolf: the Forsaken (gaming)

    WTF What If

    WTF What the February

    WTF What To Fix

    WTF What's This For?

    WTF When The Freak (polite form)

    WTF When They Fall (band)

    WTF Where the Freak (polite form)

    WTF Where's the Fire?

    WTF Where's The Fish?

    WTF Where's the Food?

    WTF Where's the Fridge?

    WTF Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    WTF Who the Freak? (polite form)

    WTF Why the Failure

    WTF Why The Freak (polite form)

    WTF Why the Frown?

    WTF Will to Fight

    WTF Williamstown Theatre Festival

    WTF Wisconsin Test Facility

    WTF Witendofi (website)

    WTF Women's Track and Field

    WTF Woodson Track and Field (Virginia)

    WTF Words That Follow (online game)

    WTF Work Time Fun (PSP game)

    WTF World Taekwondo Federation

    WTF World Tennis Federation

    WTF World Trade Federation

    WTF Worse Than Failure

    WTF Write to File

    請注意, 許多有(polite form)註明的, 是因為實際的用法不是用freak, 而是 "fXXk" (4 letter word), 但無法公然在網路上表示, 所以用freak取代, 如 what the fXXk, who the fXXk, where the fXXk等

    網路語言有一些會把常用的字串的第一個字母拼在一起, WTF就是一個例子, 又如SOB (son of a bitch), 類似中文網路對話時有人會把常用的字或訶的第一個注音打出來

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