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Healthy things to eat at chinese restaurants? steamed tofu?

tomorrow i'm going out to eat at a chinese restaurant, and i was thinking of getting steamed tofu and vegetables with brown rice. it's kind of bland plain so what kind of sauce should i ask for? i don't want a sauce with tons of calories. brown sauce and white sauce seem like they would have a lot in i was going to try to avoid them. thanks in advance for the help =)

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    well, steamed tofu sounds good, get some stir fried veges as well. and some dried chilli chicken (if you are no a vegan). The sauces are not high in calories if you eat MODERATELY. do not drench your rice in sauces. drink loads of chinese tea before the meal and drink more after the meal. chinese tea is good for clearing out the oil in chinese foods.

    btw, rice is high in calories, you might want to half the usual portion of rice they serve you. (eg: half a bowl of white/brown rice goes a long way)

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    ouch... you better stick with just white rice... Most Chinese places put MSG in the food which hardens the arteries.... plain white rice...

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