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What is "considered a "clean-cut" or profesional haircut today?

I've been training with a online car company to be a car salesman, not my ideal place to be, but it makes good money. I completed the course, and the final "video" states that he is a stickler of sending his students with a shaven military "clean" haircut, without facial hair, white shirt.. etc.. Which is something that was not stated at the beginning of training (that this is "required"). Cutting for me is not an option, but I don't consdier my cut messy, and I wanted an opinion, I got really nice hair, conditioned, pulled back with a single pony tail, slicked down and a nicly trimmed gotee. If you've watched stargate, think of ba'l with longer pulled back hair. Now, I know this isn't the traditional clean-cut, but I allways get compliments about my apperiance and my hair as being neat and professional. I'm going to warn them before they send me out to the dealership to be honest, but I was wondering to all of you out there how much you think that this makes a difference to have a military buzz cut to having a nice different haircut in the whole car selling business?

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    Usually, a clean cut or a businessman's haircut is a 90 degree layered cut, up around the ears, with a clean neckline. If they hired you already, then I can't imagine they will demand that you cut your hair. Times are changing and I have seen many professionals with long hair as long as it is kept back off their face.

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    If they hired you with that cut I'm sure it's fine.

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