I'm 63 and just retired what auto Insurance gives seniors a break on their Policeys?

Hello, I have Brewer & Lord car insurance. I'm paying over $600.00 dollars a year. Do you think that is a bit too high of a price to pay,if so than what other Insurance would give a Senior in Massachusetts a better plan? Thank you,Star

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    My insurance company (American Family of Madison, Wi.) gives a "senior" discount starting at age 50. The discount is then taken away at age 70. American Family does not write insurance in Mass. though. $600.00 per year is not too bad. I pay $500.00 on a 2006 smaller car with full coverage. That includes a discount for multi-cars and having our home also insured with them. The area you live in plays a big part in auto insurance rates

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    well i would try aaa i am 21 and i have a 08 cobalt and a 94 dodge ram pickup and they are both in my name i am only paying 150 a month i know people that pay more them me for a peice of junk

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    Check with AARP. It depends on your credit, driving record and year and make of your car.

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