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Me and my best friend are going out of town to Detroit,MI.Any ideas?HipHop R&B Clubs?Restaurants?Scenes?

This is our first time going and we really want to have a good time. Also are there any casinos in Detroit, MI?

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    Detroit is the city everyone loves to hate. No longer defined by recession, Detroit is rising from the ashes, attracting artists and musicians from around the country lured by cheap urban rents and an optimistic zeitgeist. Past manufacturing downturns and high gas prices only gave Detroiters a reason to sing the blues by suffusing the area with two great elements of social and musical manifestation— nostalgia and identity crisis. Local bars, watering holes, dance clubs and other cosmopolitan, drinking (and artistic) enclaves have a long history and are still going strong in Detroit. The following is selective list of favorite Detroit local bars including the best Detroit sports bar for a Red Wings game, the best Detroit dance club for Detroit techno and the best Detroit casino for easy slots, live music and Detroit local bands.

    2500 Club

    2500 Park St., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.9077

    2500 Club is your typical Detroit dive bar filled with twenty-somethings getting their heavy drink on, but we actually sort of like that; kid's have to prove themselves somewhere. Something that every dive bar needs, however, is some good hard core live music and 2500 Club fits the bill every weekend.

    313 JAC

    624 Brush, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.7067

    Located right above another favorite neighborhood bar (isn't Detroit great?), 313 JAC embodies that quintessential Detroit feel, combining good food with a staggering selection of libations. Throw in live music from local bands and it's easy to see why this local bar keeps packing them in.

    7 Brothers

    11821 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, Michigan; Tel. 313.365.6576

    It's easy to become a regular at 7 Brothers, a quintessential neighborhood bar in Hamtramck, metro Detroit's mecca of local, dive bars. The drinks are cheap, $1.25 PBR, and the bartender has been manning the wheel for a couple of decades. 7 Brothers is a favorite local hang out for a diverse crowd.


    4265 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.833.1120

    Voted as the best tequila bar, Agave feeds the local need for south of the border fare. Quickly becoming a busy neighborhood bar hangout, Agave, serves up excellent food in a good atmosphere and is so much better than spending time at your local Taco Bell, plus, last time we checked, the Bell didn't have any tequila.

    Anchor Bar & Grill

    450 W. Fort St., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.964.9127

    Anchor Bar & Grill is everything you could want in a neighborhood bar, excellent food, quality drinks, and a comfortable atmosphere with a slew of regulars that will make it feel as though you've been drinking there for years. Sports fans, newsmen, business pros, and local denizens rub elbows while enjoying the traditional pub fare and true local bar feel.

    Artie's Locker Room

    3141 Caniff, Hamtramck, Michigan; Tel. 313.893.8088

    Is there a better city for neighborhood bars than Hamtramck? Artie's Locker Room keeps up that great Hamtramck tradition of providing locals with a place to bend their elbows in a familiar setting that's not your couch.

    Baker's Streetcar Lounge

    9817 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, Michigan; Tel. 313.873.8296

    Baker's Streetcar Lounge is a local Hamtramck bar that not only caters to the neighborhoods drinking needs, but also serves up occasional live music.

    Belmont Bar

    10215 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, Michigan; Tel. 313.871.1966

    A great place to toss a few back with friends, the Belmont Bar, makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable, exactly as a neighborhood bar should. Whatever your fancy is, dancing, pool, er, drinking the Belmont bar is the spot to hang with the locals.

    Bronx Bar

    4476 Second Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.832.8464

    The Bronx Bar is everything you'd expect from a local Detroit dive bar, cheap drinks, no bands, no frilly cocktails, and a slew of local characters that preside over the bar like its a courtroom. Later in the evening, the jukebox kicks into overdrive, the pours become better(as if that's possible), and the Bronx Bar gets pretty raucous.

    Cadieux Cafe

    4300 Cadieux, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.882.8560

    There's a unique European flavor to this neighborhood bar, in fact the Old World feel abounds at the Cadieux Cafe. A host of regulars call this local bar and restaurant home, it's a great place for seafood or to just hang with some friends.

    Carriage House

    24200 Grand River, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.535.3440

    The Carriage House is a definitive live music Detroit Blues Club, the large capacity bar hosts some great Blues talent with open jam sessions a couple times a week and plenty of other entertainment such as billiards and darts, a great jukebox keeps the Blues rocking at the Carriage House.

    Chicks Bar

    18550 W. Warren, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.441.6055

    Chicks Bar is an old time neighborhood bar that's not just for the neighborhood locals. It's the type of place your Dad used to tell you about, where everyone feels right at home and nobody minds if you let it all hang out. So far as local bars go, Chicks Bar has some tremendous food, especially if you go on Fridays (fish fry) or Sundays, which puts out a whole Polish spread.

    Circa 1890 Saloon

    5474 Cass Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.831.1122

    A favorite local bar of Wayne State University students and faculty, Circa 1890 Saloon, has excellent food and good drinks at reasonable prices; why else would cash strapped collegians make this their neighborhood bar? Circa 1890 offers daily drink specials, billiards, darts, and other entertainment to help take your mind of that econ exam you just failed.

    Comet Bar

    128 Henry, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.964.1508

    Comet Bar, a neighborhood bar located near the ballpark in Downtown Detroit, offers up great pub grub and excellent drinks with that true local bar flair. Check out Comet Bar during the summer and receive a few surprises that aren't part of your normal neighborhood bar amenities, more like your backyard ones; you can enjoy a game of volleyball or throw some horseshoes to pass the time, now how cool is that?

    Danny's Irish Pub

    22824 Woodward Ave., Ferndale, Michigan; Tel. 248.546.8331

    Sporting the best Irish tap beer, but you could have guessed that, right? Danny's Irish Pub is exactly what you'd expect a neighborhood bar to be, laid back, comfortable, and a great place to bend your elbow. Many regulars sneak away a few hours at this local bar, but you don't have to be a regular to hang out here, Danny's makes everyone feel welcome and, really, that's what a neighborhood bar is all about.

    Doc Z's Tavern

    2764 Florian Ave., Hamtramck, Michigan; Tel. 313.875.3627

    If you've checked out some other spots here, then you already know that Hamtramck is a neighborhood bar paradise and Doc Z's Tavern fits the mold perfectly with loyal regulars and good drinks.

    Duggan's Irish Pub

    31501 N. Woodward, Royal Oak, Michigan; Tel. 248.549.3659

    A great place for that "business" lunch, Duggan's Irish Pub is an always packed neighborhood bar that serves something for everyone's palate. Also, there's an upstairs deck where you can sip on a Guinness and watch the world go by.

    El-Capri Lounge

    1673 E. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.923.3803

    A very friendly neighborhood bar, at El-Capri Lounge the minute you walk through the door, you become a regular, spend a few nights there and they'll probably be naming a drink after you. DJ's spin every night at the El-Capri and it just isn't your standard club fare; that simply wouldn't work in a neighborhood bar. No, the music choices vary, but they're always good and the atmosphere is always fun.


    525 Monroe, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.8193

    The Exodus is a little neighborhood bar in Detroit that caters mostly to college students, serving decent food and drinks. For a quick sobering during those late night study sessions, Exodus also offers specialty coffee, we're not sure if they'll give you an Irish latte, though.

    Foran's Irish Pub

    612 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.961.3043

    Foran's Irish Pub, like many things in Detroit, feels as if it has always been and will always be there. An old standby neighborhood bar, Foran's, is a favorite hangout of the City Hall gang, being its just a block away, but politicos aren't the only regulars. Stop on by and grab a beer and some grub before a night out in Downtown.

    Four Green Fields

    30919 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak, Michigan; Tel. 248.288.2088

    Probably the best place for a reunion with the old gang, Four Green Fields is a neighborhood bar that's not just for the neighborhood. Sporting that hard to beat Irish charm coupled with an endlessly packed bar is really what gives Four Green Fields its lasting spirit. Pop down a few drams of whiskey and join in a drunken sing along; you know that stuff is required at Irish bars.

    Freer Bar

    7355 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.842.9336

    Freer Bar is a no frills neighborhood bar that's never gotten away from its roots. You can visit and become anonymous, drinking in solitude, or join the crowd and tip a few back with your new family.

    Gaelic League

    2068 Michigan Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.964.8700

    Why is it that most neighborhood bars are also Irish bars? We really don't care as long as we can always find them. The Gaelic League is a straightforward neighborhood bar that doesn't aspire to be anything more; and really, why would it?

    Gusoline Alley

    308 S. Center, Royal Oak, Michigan; Tel. 248.545.2235

    Hands down one of the best local dive bars ever, seriously we love this place and have spent many a day and night there. Gusoline Alley is a mainstay on "best of" lists, the drinks are heavy and cheap (try to "drink the wall" as we used to call it), the atmosphere is retro cool without trying to be, and the jukebox has the best selection in town playing everything from Waylon Jennings, to Patsy Cline, to The Sex Pistols, and Gus's is always packed. We don't know if they still have them, but when we used to spend frigid Detroit mornings there, when the snow was six feet high, after more than a few shots, we used to dare each other to eat a pickled egg from the jar in the display case; now that's good clean dive bar fun.

    Holbrook Cafe

    3201 Holbrook, Hamtramck, Michigan; Tel. 313.874.1965

    The Holbrook Cafe is a favorite local bar that is also one of the largest places to see local live music. The Holbrook cafe is the epicenter of the live music universe during the Hamtramck Blowout music festival, but that doesn't need to be happening for this local bar to be packed.

    Honest John's Bar and No Grill

    488 Selden, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.832.5646

    A great little local bar in the tavern style, Honest John's Bar and No Grill, contrary to the name, does indeed serve food and the prices are cheap. The beer and spirit selection is good and the atmosphere makes you feel as though you've been going there for years. Also, the bar's owner, is somewhat of a hero in the local charity community, he's raised nearly a million dollars for local charities. This spot is a local bar gem and it should make you feel good that your money is going toward something other than the destruction of your liver.

    Ivanhoe Cafe-Polish Yacht Club

    5249 Joseph Campau, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.925.5335

    If you feel like time traveling, seriously the bar has been there for nearly a century, head on down to the Ivanhoe Cafe, the neighborhood bar that has took the best that Detroit could dish out and is still standing. With a loyal following that could probably tell you the history of Detroit better than the Chamber of Commerce, the Ivanhoe Cafe embodies what's great about local bars and come hungry because the food is amazing, and endless.

    Jacoby's German Biergarten

    624 Brush St., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.7067

    An old style German Biergarten and favorite of locals, Jacoby's appeals to everyone. It offers the comforts of a dimly lit local bar and traditional German fare, with a simply phenomenal live music scene. Also, when many music acts tour Detroit and they want to down a few in a true local bar, they call Jacoby's home.

    Jimmy's East End Pub

    13200 E. Eight Mile Rd., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.372.0700

    A great local bar that has a phenomenal burger, Jimmy's Est End Pub plays host to loyal regulars and wanna be rock stars, with two nights of karaoke. Real rockers play there as well at an open jam night. The drinking is good and seriously, the eating is better (a consistent pattern at a lot of local bars) with food available almost to closing time because Jimmy's wants to send you out into that cold Detroit night with a full belly.

    L J's Lounge

    2411 Micigan Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.962.0013

    L J's Lounge is a neighborhood bar that takes it up a level with some cool DJ stylings on Wednesday nights and there's a billiards table to occupy your time between drinks.

    Maggie's Irish Pub

    13009-11 Gratiot Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.526.1006

    A truly authentic local Irish bar, Maggie's, is a home away from home for many regulars, including many Police Clubs so you'll always feel safe. This quiet, comfortable neighborhood bar is a great place to sit and think, drink, play darts (traditional mind you), and spend the day without leaving your backyard.

    Motor City

    465 Schaefer, Detroit, Michigan; Tel. 313.297.9858

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    there is a hiphop/reggaeton/reggae club called TRENCHTOWN

    its on the way to down twon,but also near highland park..its a brown part of a building has 2 poles and has a sign tht says like "private club" or something like tht

    but there is MGM casino,and motorcity casino,those are in downtown

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    JC22NY--That is some great advice! I grew up in metro Detroit, lived in Southwest for a while and didn't know about half of those places! You just gave me a list of stuff to check out before we move to Atlanta!

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    Umm I really like Mexican Town.. there are alot of really good restaurants there! yes there are casinos there like MGM.. There is also alot of good shopping liek 12 oaks mall, somerset mall,etc. Or you coudl always jsut go right avross the border to Windsor Canada, there are ALOT of clubs downtown there, and they ahve Casino Windsor, which i like ebtter because they jsut renovated and made bigger and i like how its smoke free

    have fun!


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