Jamaica... or ...Hawaii?

Which do you like better? And why is Hawaii so much more expensive?

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    OH HAWAII!!!! don't go to Jamaica unless you want to feel unsafe the entire time. That's how I felt and I was on a resort with armed guards and still felt very unsafe the entire time. I also had employees of the hotel hitting on my 12 year old sister and 10 year old cousin things like "hey baby, come over here, don't be scared I want to make you feel good". and this was a very big name hotel so if this is the best it gets, the others scare me a lot.

    Hawaii has so much more to do too, submarine rides, horseback, dolphin swimming, helicopter rides, zipline rainforest tours etc etc. It's more expensive because it tends to be more cruises on the island than anything else (because it's so far out there from everyone). Anything to do with cruises is always more expensive. jsut a sad fact of the industry.

    Source(s): EDIT: oh ya when we were in jamaica, every shuttle we got on to the driver had a beer in his hand and was sluring his speech. On these tight roads at the edge of cliffs, not very fun at all.
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    It depends what your looking for tho

    Oahu- small city, and some farm

    Any other island but Hawaii (big island)- very tranquil and mainly beaches and volcanoes sites etc. cant use ur phone much tho

    Big island- in between it has both

    edit: i dont know why hawaii is more expensive, it just is. Its nicer though. Its not outrageously priced but it is higher

    Source(s): ME! I live on Oahu and visit the other islands regularly
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    Well, I personally prefer Hawaii. Mainly because the TV show 'Lost' is filmed there and I love how beautiful it is. You couldn't find a more perfect backfrop for the look they were going for!

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    Why not try Philippines like in Boracay, Cebu, Bohol and Palawan.


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    jamaica!!!! its alot of fun. the food is great the people are pretty easy going. jus take off all your jewlery before u get off the plane

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