What's the differences between Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox?

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What's are the advantages and disadvantages of each one?
Which is better overall in performance?
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There's many point of views to the question.

I'm a web developer so I think of this in terms of code. All of these browsers interpret the HTML code I write a little differently, which makes my life pretty difficult at times because I have to code the same thing multiple times. A company known as the W3C is responsible for making "standards" that all browsers must follow. Currently most of the popular browsers including safari and firefox but excluding internet explorer abide to these standards.

Internet Explorer is different in a lot of things, but usually in a bad way. It is also really slow to change, and many times only does so because of the competition. Firefox is light years ahead. It is more secure, it uses less memory and has more features. Personally I do not know much about Safari other than that it is used mostly on Macs.
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  • Muno answered 6 years ago
    IE: Is good, very horrible protection against viruses and infections
    Firefox: Better supported more, looks great and has more options
    Safari: Good for Mac users. Faster better results and efficency.
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  • Alex V answered 6 years ago
    IE: insecure

    Firefox: secure, works well on pc

    Safari: fastest, but most recommended for apple mac users.
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  • Futureconceptartist answered 6 years ago
    Well, Firefox performs the best and is virus free. I have never been infected when I browsed on Firefox. On Internet Explorer I am constantly being attacked. I have never used safari so I don't really know about that one.


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  • Josenoe V answered 6 years ago
    Internet explorer is easy to use, but its is really unsafe unless you have the best protection and if you update your system periodically

    Firefox is very user friendly, highly customizable and you will prefer it to IE7 trust me, i loved IE7 but Firefox took my heart away I currently use Firefox but it is also resource hungry, so you'd better have a good resoanble computer to use Firefox efficiently

    Safari is new and requires etting used to, its safe and the performance is great too, very useful on computers with low specs, but its is a deadbeat in custom ability and looks ugly on windows

    YOu should also consider Opers, grear performance and great widgets too

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  • Isaac answered 6 years ago
    they are all internet browsers, as of now safari and firefox are cross platform , which means they can be installed on a MAC and PC and Linux (firefox only). Internet explorer is now exclusive only to windows, but hasn't always been that way, back in the 90s IE was released for MAC os to compete against netscape. many tech savvy users have come to love firefox over IE, however many people are not familiar with firefox and continue to use IE simply because it is pre installed on all PCs. I use Safari on my mac and firefox on my PC.
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  • Tom answered 6 years ago
    all browser... do same thing... surf the internet... i just firefox, i think its faster than IE although i dont right of IE completely, its still fine to use i just choose not to.

    as for safari i quite like that as well, although i would prefer to use it if i had a mac cause when i use it on windows i feel like im tryin to make my PC like a mac just cause i cant afford a mac lol.. but yeh thats me :D you might as well get em all and just try them out see whats best for you.
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  • saugt es answered 6 years ago
    safari is best by 3 times, they have proven test
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