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Am I the only person in the world who doesn't like Twilight?

Please tell me i'm not to keep me sane. Cos I am absoloutely sick of hearing about that book and the film or whatever.

Twilight Fans : Leave me alone . Don't get annoyed cos I don't like it and leave hateful comments haha. I'm just sick of hearing y'all bang on about it.

Oh actually im sick of hearing about the Jonas Brothers too, anyone else agree with my opinion?


My friend lent me the first one and i read some of it and did not like one bit of it.

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    No, your not alone. Things like twilight, jonas brothers, hannah montana, etc, are all fads that pre teens are into, mostly because the good things require some brain work to understand, something they obviously lack. so books like twilight are simple to read, and therefore much loved. after twilight it'll be another dumb book, and after the jonas brothers another sappy band. maybe they'll grow out of it, and start reading books and listening to music to their own tastes, not what the current fad is.

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    Twilight is OK I guess... I used think it was pretty neat until others began to read it and obsess over it. Hearing squeals and screams from random fangirls when the word Twilight is said or typed gets kind of annoying after a bit... plus the last book is just so... ugh... -shiver- The books kind of read like a bad fanfiction if you know what I mean... :/

    And I hate the Jonas Brothers too. Never liked them. They can't sing... lol

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    I am not a teenager and I am now on the third as a good friend saw me reading the first one which I got out of curiosity to see what all the fuss is about and a good friend saw it and bought me the other two! Then she presented me with no4!

    No I don't like it either but I am curious now as to why the last book has upset the fans! I shall continue the rest of the series so my friend isn't offended but I am sure I will not have this on my favourite book list!

    Its far to cheesy, far fetched, even for fantasy, predictable and as for Edward being the perfect boyfriend well I must say if a man treated me like that he would have a wooden stake through his heart!

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    You're most certainly not alone. I liked the book but "Breaking Dawn" turned me off to the entire series so I can't stand it. I'm sick of hearing about the movie; I'm sick of people waxing poetic about how gorgeous the pompous, perpetually-drunk and colossally-smug guy playing Edward is; I'm sick of the exact same question appearing in Books & Authors fourteen times a day interspersed with sixteen smiley faces and other sporadically-placed punctuation marks prefaced by “squee” or “luv” or other such sentiments; I'm sick of hearing about the characters; I'm sick of seeing residual Edward v. Jacob posts even though the issue has long been resolved, and in canon; I'm sick of hearing about how little girls want to be Bella when she's such a hideously damaging role model I want to vomit; I'm sick of people comparing Meyer to Rowling, when that's like comparing a new army recruit to George Washington; and most of all, I'm sick of seeing Meyer's smug expression all over the place, and I don't care if it is a bestseller, so is anything overhyped, and that does not excuse the horrifically wretched writing.

    So... yes, I agree.

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    the jonas brothers and twilight series happen to have the most obsessive fans.... ur probably sick of those :)))

    i absolutely HATE jonas brothers!! their music is so plain and boring... what do they have that all the other bands dont???

    but dont get me wrong, i do like the twilight books :)

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    Nope your not trust me , not everyone likes books about vampires , i guess unrealstic things but ya after awhile it is annoying ot keep hearing about a one book and the serie that comes out next after it , itsl like how many are u going to make and dont they know when to stop? Because i heard that the other series like New Moon and Eclispe are not that great , personally i like Twilight , but am not sure if i like want to read the whole series , because now theres Breaking Dawn too :S . I just think this book may have meant to be just a one hit wonder , just one of its self needed to be made not like 3 or 4 more ! lol .

    If you dont like its absolutely ur oppion and pple should respect that not lash out at you for not liking some book or being part of their fan club and followers , i mean dont pple know were all different , with our likes and dislikes , if someone doesnt like something we do who cares , leave them alone ! they may not like things that u do but ur not going to lash out on them are u ? i dont think so . So thats that , were free to express our oppions and no one should reject that or bother someone for it , why ?

    I agree with you too on the Jonas Brothers , um i once saw them no Muchmusic live and they dont really seem to care about their fans, i just think their all for the fame and money , srry , i only like two of their songs and on Much they didnt even say hi to fans or hug or shake any of their hands , i dont know ? something is strange bout them ...

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    Haha, well, i don't like Twilight much either, but i don't think you should leave hateful comments about Twilight, just read another book!

    As far as the Jonas Brothers...don't listen to their music! Yeah, they're everywhere, but it'll die down soon, and complaining won't really help.

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    Twilight is still a mystery for me. I think its a book

    Sure to be a major movie release sometime next year!

    Jonas Brothers? Im so old now, I saw Johnny Cash come and go (who?) someone like the Jonas Brothers just makes me laugh...

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    finally yet another individual with a strategies. the unhappy section is that each and all the teenager females are in love with this creep. The 30 something crowd the place I artwork are addicted to the books. One has study each and each e book 4 situations. they are asserting you could tell while a civilization is coming to an end. issues get very unwell & perverse.

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    I have tried to read the Twilight books, and I can't force myself past the first chapter. They don't appeal to me, just like the Harry Potter books don't appeal to other people, or just like some people like pro football and I would rather watch hockey.

    To each his own. I'll be glad to play nice with the Twilight fans and respect their opinion as long as they respect mine.

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