How many grams is in a tea spoon or table spoon?

i have ground morning glory extract its about as think and about the same texture as brown sugar, does anyone know a conversion of it to tea spoons or table spoons or any other measuing unit i can use that is a common house hold item? thanks
Update: as thick*
Update 2: what i would like to know is how many grams are in 1/4 tsp the most if you can help me with that thank you very much****
Update 3: yes but there is a way to covert the two ive done research but im just unsure about the substance and was wondering if anybody had an estimate with brown sugar.
Update 4: how can i figure this out i dont have a scale, how much is a gram of brown sugar? like how small would it look is it very minute or does it seem larger then 1/4 tea spoon
Update 5: how does 1/4 have 50g but one table spoon have only 42? is taht 1/4 of a teaspoon?
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