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anyone know a good dental insurance co. for a single person?

I need dental work that in total will cost around 6000$ give or take. I have no dental insurance and I am single. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good company. i live in Washington State. Thanks!!

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    I found that actual dental insurance covered only about as much as our premiums. ie. $1500 of coverage was costing me around 1500 a year... Not all things are covered at 100% (most major stuff was only covered at 50%...root canals, etc)....

    I wound up dropping our dental insurance for a discount program which is a whole lot cheaper but offers percentages that aren't that much higher than our old dental insurance, plus there is no maximum coverage- so for the epic $10k I still need in reconstruction- I would have wound up eating $8500...With the discount program I'm probably only going to be spending around $4000... Plus the premium for my entire family was under $200 for the year.... The company offers a bunch of different plans- you just enter your zip code and can even search by name...So it isn't traditional insurance, but after looking at our employer sponsored insurance program I really would hesitate calling their "dental insurance" (and it was a very well known insurance company) insurance at all...

    Of course they have a referral program- every person that signs up gives me another 3 months on my plan. The site is: and my referral code is: 35C11R77

    I just used this coupon but if you sign up you might want to try it: it was 25% off with code: REACH08

    I'm not trying to sell the program, but I have used it first for my parents and they found it useful and now for my family being that we are bogged down financially paying COBRA and found that we were saving money by dropping the dental insurance portion...

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    I agree with the first poster. Dental insurance is just a plain rip-off. The amount of $$ you are paying for your annual premium doesn't even begin to cover your expenses - especially if you need major work done.

    This past year during my husbands' open enrollment it was interesting to see that they were offering two different dental programs - one was the traditional dental "insurance" and one was a dental "discount" program.

    We actually didn't opt for either one because we currently have a discount plan through Ameriplan. In addition to discounts on dental we also save money on our vision (like contacts and Lasik), prescriptions and on chiropractic care.

    This isn't a referral program like the one stated above. Their plans are pretty reasonable. We pay like $20/month for our family and we can save up to 80% on our costs. Really came in handy when my husband had to have a root canal earlier this year.

    Anyway, if you would like more information their website is

    Good luck.

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    I have an AFLAC dental policy and it is wonderful. You can carry it with you even if you get a job with another type of insurance. You can also pick the type of plan you want, so it's sort of like getting a combo meal at a fast food chain--get what you want.

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