Uninstall Vista from Dual Booting XP-Vista Completly?

How can I uninstall Vista with its boot options from a dual booting XP-Vista system and get my previous XP only.

and which of this is right.


or this one



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Unless you have 2 partitions, one for XP, one for Vista, this may be a challenge. If you do have 2, then reformat the Vista partition and then you have reclaim the space using a disk tool. If not, once you have Vista registry entries, they are there to stay.

  • lendin
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    3 years ago

    "i'm very petrified of those MS softwares." returned Up all your person information, in Vista, FIRST, and your worry will pass away! Assuming you got the W7 improve equipment, interior Vista, insert the W7 improve DVD (32-bit or sixty 4-bit, it is going to experience your Vista version). once you spot the W7 setting up demonstrate, elect the improve determination, not the custom setting up determination. Then, in basic terms keep on with the activates. After the in basic terms appropriate W7 re-boot, you will desire precisely what you needed, with out ought to fret approximately something undesirable occurring to the W7 Boot-Loader.

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