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Do you think the Spain basketball team should be punished by IOC and Nba for the picture they took?

For the Nba players of course on that team. I think if US team had done this Stern would be up there already.


Phil, I did not say I think they should be. You are cussing at a question I asked on a site where people ask questions. You seem to be the scumbag and a bit grumpy. Take a nap.

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    First and foremost, I think the Chinese sponsor of the team should drop them. If they don't, I hope the Chinese consumers will boycott the company. I also think that the IOC should either release a statement condemning their actions and or reprimand them in some manner. As for the NBA, they should release a statement condeming the Spanish NBA players' actions as well. Even though they were doing it while playing for Spain, they still represent the NBA as well. I agree with Jason Kidd that if the Spanish NBA players are not reprimanded by Stern, there is a double standard that seems to only apply to the African American players. Just my two cents.

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    Not knowing the standards of the IOC, I can't comment what what they should do. Knowing the NBA very well I definitely believe they should do something about the Laker's center who plays for the Spain's national team. The NBA is among the stricted of the major American sports. They need to be consistent in how they dish out repremands.

    Commissioner Stern fines players for arriving before games not obeying some trivial dress code. A dress code that coincidently eliminated common clothing choices of young Black men. I noticed cowboy hats and wranglers weren't on Stern's list of "what not to wear", but I digress.

    If you can be fined for wearing oversized jeans and large gold chains on gameday then you should be fined for racist gestures no matter where you did it. If not, then that Spanish NBA player might as well go around robbing and murdering people while he's not on US soil.

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    You think this isn't racism? You think people will get over it? Its not about blending in, or you "think" that they are point at the minds saying "Think". Its about how the viewers feel about this. Their sponsor didn't force them to do that add, the team could have/had the choice to either do it, or not. Some people may not care about this ad, but how about the people who are offended by this? This ad offends the people who well respects the Spanish. What have they've done to the Spanish for this ad to be out? This ad isn't racist only against the Chinese, but its also racist against and other Asian races. Does it look like they are making a affectionate wink? Most of the viewers know what they are doing, so is this ad racist? Yes it is, since most of the people have found out about this ad, the Spanish team didn't say anything that the viewers thought wrong about what they did. Did the team ever thought about what others would feel? The team knew what they did, and so does the viewers.

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    Its one thing to do something stupid. It's another thing to take a picture of it as proof....

    It wouldn't surprise me if China pushed the IOC to bar the Spanish team from continuing to play. Whether the IOC does anything about it or not is a question I don't know the answer to.

    I don't think David Stern will do anything to any of the NBA players on Spain's team except maybe issue a statement saying the NBA doesn't condone racism, blah blah blah etc. This is an olympic matter, not an NBA matter and I don't personally think it reflects poorly on the NBA, but it does reflect poorly on the Spain national team for sure.

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    Wow I think it is ridiculous that no one punish them for this, i myself play sport and i have been on a baseball team and a handball team and even when we curse or use any kind of foul language we would have point deductions and i remember there was one time, there was the captain from bronx science H.S. whom was saying offensive words to my teammate because he was black and the handball commissioner Instantly threw the guy out of the game, and that guy was consider one of the great players in nyc.

    but these the spanish teams are olympic stars and when they do something like this, it basicly encourage all the people that look up to them to say it is ok to be racists and not only that, they will definitely cause a lot of chinese people to have hatred toward them.

    is like saying is ok for the chinese people to have an ad of the spanish team and on top it says spicks in the newspaper is perfectly fine, heck they might as well sell posters in the stadium for every racists since everything is ok

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    Yes, Formula One has threatened to pull the Grand Prix out of Spain due to the ongoing racist incidents. The int'l soccer federation has fined Spanish teams/coaches many times because of racism.

    I post links below that show Spain's history of finding itself at odds with the International sports scene, is nothing new. This is just the latest where they accuse everyone else of over reacting. I think the IOC should not consider Spain as the site for the 2016 Olympics. Yes Spain was closed for most of the last century and missed out on the rest of the world's progress away from discrimination. This was very clear when in the Barcelona Olympics Spain took offense at the rest of the worlds condemnation of the "El Negre de Banyoles" exhibit. In a town hosting the rowing competition the biggest cultural attraction for over a century was a man stolen from his grave in Botswana 170years ago, stuffed, prepared by taxidermists and put on display naked with spear in hand, loincloth and feathered headress .

    When the IOC demanded the exhibit be taken down and several critics including Nobel prize winner Kofi Annan insisted that Spain return the man to Botswana for a decent re-burial, Spain officials angrily protested that the rest of the world was interfering with their culture. Their council voted unanimously to keep the exhibit up during the games but finally in 2000 returned his body to Botswana for burial.

    Spanish officials and journalist also like to claim that racism in their country is no worse than anywhere else. True in Germany when the town of Augsburg put a four day African Village festival up in the town zoo, it was stopped due to nationwide protest. This was 2005. Yet in 2003 I visited a zoo in spain that had a permanent African family hut in it's zoo where crazily clad black people with painted faces emerged from a hut waving spears and screaming wildly for the tourists. In Spain, no complaints about it. Their journalists proclaim Spain has fewer incidents of racist violence than Germany or England. Human rights organizations say that is because unlike Spain's "peer" countries, Spain has no official oversight organization to track or end racial violence and discrimination. It is often the case that unless the incident has gained international awareness (who can forget last year's security video of the Spanish man randomly kicking an Ecuadoran girl in the face, spititing on her and yelling racial epithets while others on the commuter train in Barcelona ignore the event) Spain takes no notice of it whatsoever internally.

    face it the Spanish are different. they tell us that all the time. In this country if a person tortures and kills an animal for sport, they lose their career and go to prison. (Michael Vick). In Spain picadors and matadors are celebrated as national heroes. It is no surprise where children attend public events where spectators routinely throw peanuts, banana peels, make ape noises at dress in black face/afros/bones-through the nose, lynch black athletes in effigy, etc. that those children grow up to be an Olympic ball team pulling their eyes slanted in a national ad campaign celebrating their trip to Beijing!

    I believe in free speech and have no problem with the people of Spain exerting their right to discriminate, mock and humiliate other races/ethnic groups and torture animals (and underaged immigrant girls) for public sport. I do have a problem when international events are held in such a country. They've already proven themselves to be ungracious hosts to visiting (and stolen) people of color --soccer stars, F1 racers and immigrants alike. Why encourage the Spanish? Send a message once and for all. No sporting events in Spain. Mae them come to us and behave like us.

    Pau Gasol has apologized for the photo so there is no need for the NBA to do anything. The Lakers should demand he take racial sensitivity courses if they want to have this guy in the public sphere in LA however, and perhaps he and his teammates should take back a message to Spain from the rest of us. Make a PSA in Spain that the country at least begin to discourse about discrimination as an effort to join the 21st century. Maybe with the proper exposure to other ways of thinking (introduced internally so they'd actually listen), the people can rethink the Spanish (identity) culture of racism .

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    yes they should be punished. it was obvious that they intented to make fun of chinese and i cant believe not one of the players objected or said something about it before the picture was taken. how insensitive and childish. it is the olympics! they are adults and should have known better and should have acted appropriately. very very bad move.

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    Instead, they should let the chinese chant: spick spick spick!

    Just kidding. The Spanish team should at least issue an apology. All they have said publicly so far is that they didn't intend for it to be racist.

    Just like black face makeup or spraying a swastika is not that racist.

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    They should be punished for that picture. That was extremely rude, ignorant and racist of them to do that. They should be taken out of the competitions for that.

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    I agree with Argyle. Though it was extremely racist, people need to chill out, and move on. Sheesh. Tsk to the Spanish.

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