i like 2 girls they r both amazing in every way one goes to one school and one goes to mine what do i do?

ones name is megan and the other is named ashley how do i choose


ok well i count three for goin out with the girl from my school and cheating on both at the same time is not an option it never works and its wrong they both have amazing things about them and its really hard to choose one i have been talkin top ashley for a while and she seems to be just like me but megan is smart funny and she laughs at my jokes its really hard if anyone has experienced the same thing happen to them please notify me and let me know how u delt with this delima

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    I can tell you right off the bat Megan. Why? Because I've been writing a book on hieroglyphics for over seven years now, and to my knowledge, I alone have unlocked a secret code for understanding letter formula's. Sounds freaky doesn't it, but, I'll prove it to you. Ashley is very outgoing and fun to be around. She's a guy's kind of girl who seems pure and a little bad at the same time. Her letter formula means that she's basically pure at heart, but, she wars between being good and evil. She can seem Schizo sometimes, unless she's on her best behavior with you, and she'll go to extremes in whatever she does. She can be a bit selfish at times and loves for you to pay her lots of attention. She's probably neat and relatively organized and she seems wise and always has the answers to her friends problems. But, she can be manipulative and knows how to convince people to do what she wants. Megan, on the other hand, can be somewhat emotional at times, she has days of great joy and some day's with unexplainable blues. She's sweet, organized, and likes everything to be just so. She has a goodness about her and a real knack for knowing how things should be done and may get a bit frustrated at stupidity. She can seem critical on occasions but she's usually right in her judgments. She's very intuitive, almost to a physic degree, (as she gets older this will grow stronger) in a way that she probably can walk into a room and know if someone has been talking about her. I'm always 97% right, other factors that may change the formula are birth date's, middle names, and another that I'll save for my book. People hire me to help them come up with baby names, hire employees, and, on some criminal cases. If you want a girlfriend with substance, go with Megan, she'll be sweet and dependable. The most you'll have to do is be a good boy friend and be careful not to hurt her feelings. If you want a little bit of drama, go with Ashley, she'll be sweet, a little wild at times, able to manipulate you to do her bidding, want you to spoil her a little, and, have a mean streak when you least expect it. Good Luck.

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    Hope you don't mind an answer from the "old school of dating." Date both of them, and tell them you are. Today people put too much emphasis on getting to first base or marriage. Dating has become a stressful and a no-fun thing if you will.

    When I was dating, you didn't date just one guy or gal, you dated several..at the same time. You went to movies, or watched tv or went cruising on the strip. You met with others your age at these places and had burgers, a coke and ice cream. You had fun and enjoyed the company of others and there was little or no stress involved.

    Learn to just enjoy live and don't get caught up in feeling pressured to date one over another. Do this and you will find not only you but these two amazing girls will have a great time. I am not sure what age you are...high school or college.. either way, treat them the way you would like to be treated. Don't want your feelings hurt? Don't hurt theirs either. Treat them with the same kindness you would want for yourself.

    Then if things don't work out with either one..you will still have two friends and who knows they might introduce you to someone they know. And this can work both ways. You might know someone you know.

    Hope you find this to be a sensible and noteworthy answer. Not just for yourself but for others with the same situation

    Source(s): Don't need a site for this, it comes from living life and using common sense, logic, and compassion.
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    i agree with molly- the whole high school dating scene is soooo pumped up. I mean, come on, if you look at it from a non- hormonal filled person's viewpoint, it's a bunch of kids running around throwing the "L- word" arounf, when they really don't know the meaning of it. 2 yrs. later, a single mother with a baby that has HIV and nobody around to support her :(

    the guy, on the other hand is on his second or third girl, still not ready to settle down and loving the bachelor life.(happily avoiding child support(not just monetarily))*

    Oh, and to answer your question- if you date the one in your school, and things don't go too well, basically all her hot girlfriends will have you on their blacklist. If you go out with a the other girl, and things go good, you probably won't spend too much time together(maybe a good thing?) and if things head south, you won't have such a bad rep at your school (unless she has a lot of friends there.) If you date both, you'll end up with a bad rep everywhere, and you don't want that <:(

    so, whatever you do, give me the other girl's number (as long as she is 16+) haha jk ^_^ (unless you really want to)

    *not that this happens to EVERY HS relationship. Just some. Worse- case scenario, maybe?

    Source(s): An immature 19 yr old's opinion ^_^
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    You are young so live a little. You have a great advantage here because they don't know each other. You wouldn't be cheating in my opinion. You don't have a committment with either one, and you are too young for that to be considered cheating. You can't cheat on someone you are just hanging out with. [Cheating means you are in a mature committed relationship and you step out on it.] But it doesn't seem like you guys are over 16 yet so trust me it's ok. If they are both great girls then why limit yourself to one.

    My opinion is date both and see which one you like better.. but be smart about it and don't get caught up... Like don't let the other one come up to your school and find out if she has any friends at your school. And you know for things like a football game or school dance the one that doesn't go to your school in definitely un-invited and she may want to know why.

    But have fun with it, you have the rest of your life to be with only one woman forever.

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    I think you should try to get to know them each a little better than you already do. Talk to them and see which you have more in common with.

    Also long distance rarely works;; but if you two like eachother that much than you can work it out! The other goes to your school so you will see her more.


    But i my opinion you didnt need to ask this and get other peoples opinion. We aren't the ones that will date her; you are. So just follow your heart and do what you think is right! && GOOD LUCK! :)

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    Are you in high school? High school dating is overrated. You're relationship probably wont last with either one. If you date both at the same time youre doomed.

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    Ashley.. because I like that name a little better

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    go out with the one from ur school because you will have a better relationship seeing eachother every day in the hallway

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    Picture which one you could spend the rest of your life with then choose

  • Test them both out, they go to different schools so no one will find out.

    Yes I do mean go out with both of them.

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