why do you think washington d.c was chosen as the nation capital, rather than l.a or nyc or any other city?

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    The capital of the United States of America was originally Philadelphia, then New York. You can still find all the requisite buildings that housed the various functions of the legislature. It's been years since I last was there, but the Federal building at Wall Street, housed the Congress, and, in fact was the location of many 'firsts' of the emerging nation.

    Washington DC became capital---because it was roughly central to the north and south of the thirteen states of the infant new order.

    So, why don't they move the capital of the US to Kansas City? That is rhetorical. Of course Los Angeles was not to be a part of this country, until California signed on...lol

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    James Madison had argued that the capital should be distinct from the states so it could provide for it's own maintenance and safety. Washington D.C. was chosen as a compromise between the North and the South. The proposed federal government would be absorbing debts from the war. The Southern states had repaid most of their debts but the Northern states had not. In order for the South to agree to help repaying the debts of the North a location for the capital had to be acceptable to the South. Washington D.C. was the perfect choice.

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    The first capital was in Philadelphia, then it was moved to New York. Afterwards, the government wanted something further south, that was more in the middle of the first states (between North and South), and so Washington DC was established.

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    It's a historical center. L.A. (California) wasn't established and same goes for NYC. Washington D.C. was. Remember, we started out with 13 states and there are 50. D.C. just was the center of it and where the presidency decided to be because of neutrality. Watch the John Adams mini-series on HBO and you'll see.

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    In the middle of the North and South

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    mount vernon was right to D.C. so washington chose these area to build a city not in one state but its own district L.A. was not establised and new york was not what they wanted it was to close to new england they wanted a neutrel place of government

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    They wanted a new city to be free from corruption by commerce. The selection of Washington is therefore why American politics is so free from corruption LOL.

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