Computer Cooling methods. Liquid cooling vs Air cooled?

I know this question is asked a lot on here, but I haven't really seen any answers that seem really definate to me. So heres my scenario.

I have a case that will house two computers. Its 24"18"18". This is a homemade case, fiberglass and aluminum. My idea is for 16 total fans, 8 intake and 8 exhaust. I plan on doing a lot of overclocking, CPU and ram. I'm leaving the video cards alone because I am using nvidia SLI cards, 3 video cards total.

I'd like to stay with aircooled, sense things can be replaced easier, and there is no chance of leaking. But I also want my computer to be cool and run efficiently. I have no concerns about noise or electricity consumtion.

My question is, Which would be better, Air cooled, or Liquid Cooled.

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    here's the thing.

    no matter how good your air cooling is, it ramps up really quickly when overclocking. the difference between a case with insane air flow, like yours, and barely any airflow, is only about 10 degrees tops, which doesn't amount to as much overclocking potential as you might hope for all that work. so if you are only doing moderate overclocking, 8 fans will be fine. about the same as 3 or 4, id say. a good heat sink will of course further help, more so than a ton of case fans.

    but liquid cooling can be pushed much further. far more severe overclocks can be reached at higher voltages with liquid. and if you are afraid of it leaking, thats understandable, but usually the reservoir is visable and the liquid itself doesn't conduct electricity.

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  • peadon
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    3 years ago

    I really have both, yet using throuh Dallas & feet well worth at the same time as the summer time hits 100+ I favor my liquid cooled FZX700, that is warm yet would not look to boil off as a lot warmth as my older KZ basically relies upon on what you want, the position you experience and in case you get right into a lot site visitors. Enduro, unmarried cylinder & 2 cylinder air cooled motorcycles aren't to any extent further as undesirable laying aside warmth as inline 4 air cooled motorcycles like the Bandit, Zeypher, Nighthawk, Seca II, for examples.

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