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Guild Wars????????????????????/?

i would like to know what is Guild Wars???

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    Guild Wars is a self-described "CORPG" Competitive Online Role Playing Game. It is much like World Of Warcraft, which makes sense as it was created by two people who designed WoW. There is NO monthly subscription fee, unlike WoW. You can create up to four characters per account, and play through a series of missions, or complete quests to level up to the cap, lvl 20. There are three expansions, which add new professions to the game. your character can have a Primary and Secondary profession, giving him/her the skills for both. There is also a complete sequel to the game coming out that will include a higher level cap and different professions. If you are considering buying this game, you should.

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    Guild Wars is like WoW except u dont pay subscription fees, you complete quests, with friends or random people until u've finished the storyline which goes on forever and advance to level 20 which is the maximum. You customize ur character and choose his weapons and clothes, like a warrior-armour and axe, ranger-ripped shirt and bow, etc.

    Its a good game to have and has three expansions to it.

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