Bare minerals vs. bee-luscious vs. everyday mineral??

After going around yahoo answers, and looking for some of the best mineral products out there, I found bare minerals, bee-luscious, and everyday minerals as the three top popular answers. I just want to give you an overall review of these 3 beauty products for those who have not tried them yet.

Disclaimer: This is MY very own opinions and experiences, please no rude comments. Please do share your own opinion about these products so it would help others to decide which product they would like to try out.

My skin type: I am in my early 20's and have light skin. I also have combination skin meaning that my t-zone gets oily throughout the day. I also have sensitive skin and tend to break out a little each month ( like one or two pimples) I also have large pores on my nose :(

Bare Minerals- Okay, So i tried this the longest out of the three products. I been using this over 6 months, and I really do like it. My skin does not break out and my skin appears to get better as I use this everyday. Now, the downside of this is that it does not last long for me. I would apply this in the morning and about 5 hours later, it would be gone! Also, Some people do not like Bareminerals, because it leaves their face shiny since it contains a certain ingredient that does this.I have a combination skin and do admit that it lives my T-zone shiny, but then I would use oil blotting tissues throughout the day. When I do put it on, it does not FEEL that i have make up when i touch my face, but when I look in the mirror, I looks like i did applied makeup on my face. I might have overdone the foundation as I get a little carried away as long with the warmth all over face mineral...

Everyday Mineral- I have to say that I love them for giving free samples on their online website: I only had to pay 3 some dollars for them to ship it to me. The samples are very generous as well. Alot of women use this product rather than bare minerals, because it does not contain bismuth which could irritate the skin and leave it red. I did not have this problem with bare minerals. The downside of of this product is the option of choosing your foundation color. They have 24 different foundation bases to choose from while bare minerals only has 12! They are an only online base company, so it might take a while for some people to truely find their foundation color. They also have the option of choosing whether or not if you want orignal glo, semi-matte, matte, or intensive. So, on top of choosing which foundation shade, you have to choose which type of coverage you would want. I choose semi-matte, because it was recommended for combination skin. I have to say that this product does give you more coverage than bareminerals does, but when you touch your face, it feels you have makeup on versus bareminerals that doesn't. When I did put it on, my friend told me that the makeup made me look more natural than the baremineral gave me. I guess the 24 foundation shades had a plus side giving that you are able to find a shade that truely matches your skin color. A downside of this product was that at the end of the day, my skin didn't look as great as baremineral gave me. My pores looked bigger as well as it looked a little cakey. Overall, I would recommend it for those who want more coverage and it is supposedly more healthier than using bareminerals since it contains less ingredients and they are half the price of bareminerals!

bee-lucious- I know a lot of women really like this product and I hear it alot here at yahoo answer. I used this, and not only my skin felt cakey, it clogged my pores and gave me the look of larger pores on my skin at the end of the day. The ingredients of this product are very safe and that's why a lot of people like it. It also gives give you good coverage, but I did not like the fact that it is Liquid mineral foundation. It got too messy for me to use I like to stick to mineral foundation. they also give out samples for 3 dollars on their website giving you 2 foundation samples.

Right now, i am using both everyday mineral and baremineral, switching every some days depending on what kind of coverage i want each day. I definitely tossed out bee-lucious...

okay, ladies, what are YOUR opinion on these products!?

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    Please don't use bare minerals. You pay for that filling in there, &if it's not irritating your skin now, sooner or later it will. 'Bismuth is ok for a stomach ache, but not on the face. it's natural, sure, but so is petroleum,( which is mineral oil,) which goes in the tank.

    I don't know about everyday minerals. I've yet to go to the web site. but i do know that, & this i use:,home.htm... IS a PURE product. It is safe to even put it on at night, & wear it, cause of the zinc it has. In the rice perfecter, it alone has healing in it, & I recommend anyone anywhere, anytime to use it. Even wearing it alone, helps your skin.

    The base perfecter in the smokymountain, looks like you've got a little makeup on. I love the stuff. I mix two shades (or more,) together, owing to how i feel that day. Or have a bowl that has some premixed in it. I mix up some Avon in it sometimes too. It's a very good wearing & feeling product &is also a great value!

    I hope this helps & please: you don't have to help contribute to making Lesley's wallet fat. She's ripping off enough people.

    Source(s): beauty consultant I'd like to add, that i thank God there are some other people out there who are investigating what they're putting on their face.
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    5 years ago


    Bare minerals vs. bee-luscious vs. everyday mineral??

    After going around yahoo answers, and looking for some of the best mineral products out there, I found bare minerals, bee-luscious, and everyday minerals as the three top popular answers. I just want to give you an overall review of these 3 beauty products for those who have not tried them...

    Source(s): bare minerals bee luscious everyday mineral:
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  • 5 years ago

    This is the most useful conversation I've ever read on Yahoo! Answers. Thank you, everyone.

    I currently use bareMinerals and I'm happy with it, except for a few things. One is that I don't feel like I've ever found the closest color match to my skin (and I've tried every color and even mixed a few). Two is that I had to spend my own money on all those shades since bareMinerals doesn't offer samples. The companies mentioned above that offer samples are definitely piquing my interest.

    I went to the Everyday Minerals website and I really like how they present themselves. That's why I want to thank everyone here because you've introduced me to companies I didn't know exist. Another issue I have with bareMinerals is that it doesn't feel like it lasts all day long, it's expensive and although I've had no skin issues from using it, what folks write about its ingredients make me wonder if it's not good for me. And I hear you on the supporting the Leslie thing too.

    I wanted to add that the link posted above for Smoky Mountain Minerals is different now. It has since changed its name to Studio Mineral Makeup and is found at If you read their About Us section, it explains the reason for the name change.

    So far I'm most intrigued by Everyday Minerals, but I will look further into Studio Mineral Makeup and Faerie Organic. I've seen other mineral makeup companies on eBay and Amazon and I'm sure a simple search for mineral makeup would produce many others too. I'm after my perfect shade for a good price with healthy ingredients and from a company I relate to.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am excited to answer this question for several reasons. You have never tried FAERIE ORGANIC MINERALS and you will love it! I have switched from bare escentuals to faerie organic and will never go back. They are ALL NATURAL! Unlike bare escentuals that lies and says they are and then uses parabean preservatives. They DO NOT USE BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE not just because it causes reactions in people but because it is a cheap mineral and is one of the reasons you need to reapply several times a day. They have a very easy foundation chart that matches bare escentuals colors so you can easily switch over. They use a very expensive and high end mineral called BORON NITRIDE that actually helps heal acne as it is anti bacterial and skin soothing and a skin perfector, it is also the main ingredient that makes their foundations LAST ALL DAY! I have oily skin and I do not reapply even in hot weather. SO many people are switching because of these reasons. They also have free sample at their site (you just pay shipping) Check it out I know you'll find it to be the best. Read the customer reviews on their front page.

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  • marini
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    3 years ago

    Bee Luscious

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like some from both companies.

    I love Bare Escentuals. I've used it for years. I'm a 30 something mom of a teen, with dry skin and the Bare Escentuals foundation powder doesn't make my skin look dry. I do not like their mascara though. Their lipgloss is nice.

    Bee Luscious has some nice products. I ordered samples of the foundation. I didn't really like how it looked on my skin, to be honest. I have the liquids and maybe I'll try the liquid foundation with the powder sometime and give it another shot. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't love it, I went back to my Bare Escentuals foundation.

    However, big thumbs up to their eyeliner, mascara and that amazing lip gloss!! OMG. The eyeliner stays on. The HD mascara doesn't end up in a dark circle under my eyes after a couple of hours. The lip gloss, is a stand alone out of this world. The Liptoxyl with the diamond dust. It's also a great smell and tastes sweet too. I also like their eyebrow kit, but I wouldn't say it was better nor worse than Bare Escentuals, about even. The edge being to Bee Luscious for the colored wax to hold the eyebrow shape instead of having to use clear mascara. One HUGE turnoff about these great items I just mentioned is the very poor tools they come with. The mascara comes with the tiniest blob of a brush that clumps every easily. I have to use my own eyelash brush to sort it out. Also, the liquid eyeliner pencil is also very cheap feeling. I'd compare it to buying a paintbrush that comes attached to a child's paint-with-water book to a fine painting brush. I end up using one of my finer point eyeliner brushes to dab off that product to line my eyes. If they could work out the quality of the tools that come along with the product, it'd be a dream. Really, for the price of the products, they shouldn't have skimped on the tools. Right now, it's still worth the couple little extra steps to use the eye products.

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  • lexi.
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    1 decade ago

    that was really nice of you to type that all up.

    uhhm i haven't tried beelucious , but i loooove bare minerals.

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