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Does going in the steam room after you work out prevent you from gaining musle while on creatine?


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    Short answer: IF you stay hydrated, no.

    Long answer: Being in the steam room makes you lose water and electrolytes (salt) through sweat, which has absolutely nothing to do with the action of creatine. Creatine is part of the first energy system your muscles use; it is used in the first ~10s of exercise (it takes about 30-60s of rest to 'reload'). If your diet does not contain about 5g per day of creatine (found primarily in red meat), taking supplements can give you some extra energy during weightlifting, thus allowing you to lift more and so build more muscle. A SIDE EFFECT of taking creatine in some forms is increased water retention. That's what makes most people gain a few pounds in the first week of taking it- water weight. This makes it easier to get dehydrated during exercise while you're adjusting. While the benefits of enjoying the steam room after are debatable, taking creatine and using it won't make anything worse.

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    I never understood why people think this is a good plan.

    All the steam room does is make you sweat, which depletes not only your water, but your electrolyte stores as well.

    After exersise your attempting to replace those as quickly as you can, why would you do the exact opposite by sitting in a steam room ??

    And yes dehydrating yourself while on creatine will hurt, alot, and will defeat the purpose of using creatine at all.

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