1990 Honda CRX Si Help?

Can anyone tell me a little about their experience with this car, being a daily or driver, or street racing this little bad boy, the good and the bad please?

I'm in the market for one, and I have found one at a used car dealership, but I need to seat three for school, is it possible, to squeeze in that many?

Also, I need someone to tell me the prices, or a rough estimate of these alterations:

Racing Seats?


LED's on the Undercarriage?

A Nicer than Default engine?

Nitrous Set Up?

Butterfly or Gullwing doors?

Hood scoop or breather?

Body kits?

And last but not least, a new paint job?

Feel free to suggest any other alterations that would enhance the racing performance or look of the car.

I know I'm asking a lot, feel free to pick and choose what you would like to answer, but full input is greatly appreciated!

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    there good cars as daily drivers. you can fit 3 people. as far as modifying it i can only help in the area of what i think is cool and not absolutely retarded ricer. alright.

    racing seats: wait on that. you will want recaros or sparcos and those can be 1200 a seat and thats and average price. save this till its fast enough that you would want sporty seats. for now upgrade to like 99 civic si seats or integra gsr or even type r seats.

    rims: enkies are the only aftermarket rims i would buy for a honda off the top of my head. or you could look through tuner magazines for rims. there not to exspensive. id go 17" at the biggest.

    Neons/LEDs: gay. very ricer not worth it absolutely despise people who ruin honda's by doing stupid **** like that. but thats only my opinion no offense intended.

    Nicer than stock motor: these are the motors i would put in. they can range from 1000-7000 depending how you get it. :) i have homie hookups so i get them cheap. ok heres the motor list




    B18b1 (if you do Ls VTEC)

    B18a1 (if you do Ls VTEC)










    NOS: unless you are going full track car do not waste your money because seriously when will you use it? its just stupid and a waste of money. even if you go to the track you are better off going turbo because nos has a tendancy to blow your motor. so no no on nos unless full race car.

    Lambo doors: again my opinion. ugly stupid waste of money not even cool just turns you into a ricer. but the way i look at things is i build the motor so its hella fast before i do stupid cosmetics even then i only make the car look stock and very clean or make it look JDM

    Hood scoop: ugly and you dont need it because the intake dips down in back of the front wheels so it would be pointless and ugly. get a stock looking carbon fibre hood. and in carbon fibre case i like to paint the outside the color of the car but leave the inside unpainted so u can show it really is carbon fibre ;)

    Body Kits: and again i think there stupid ugly waste of money. i go for the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) look which means buying parts from japan like the fenders front lips spoilers that come stock there because they are different here. it looks rare and clean. but hey our diversity unites us tuners....

    paint. with a crx i would go Flamenco Black. its sexy. the color on a 99-00 Civic Si looks very nice. or just go jet black with a few layers of clear coats. either way it shouldnt cost you an arm and a leg.

    again my advice would be to build the motor then go for looks. good luck

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    Can you put in shocks? What, is it missing the OEM shocks or any shocks at all? lol It should have shocks - if not, that car needs to not be driven, and yes you can change out the shocks. You'll have to find replacement OEM springs & shocks if you want stock height - lowering puts more stress on the shocks so if it's raised back to stock height it's a good idea to replace the schocks. Most likely it's on cut springs or some type of aftermarket springs.

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    Well to be honest its a money pit. You could spend 10 thousand dollars on it and still not have a half way fast car. Go buy yourself a v8 chevy camaro. They are decenty priced and no comparison with speed of a civic.

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