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puppy names, puppy names, puppy names?

ok so i asked this question once except now im gonna get a MALE heeler (blue/red) instead of female cause now she's taken :( . but this male was my second choice, i have already made the appointment to get him nuetured, but what should i name him??? he is mostly red with a little blue towards his rear end. i need names, dont be shy i will taake every name into consideration... plz nothing stupid or rude though thnx!

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    Mattaiou ( Ma-Tay-O)

    This was the name I gave to a Rottweiller that I once owned.

    It just came to Me and it was such a unique name. Everyone

    who met him said he was special.

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    How about... Ollie, Screwdriver, Bowser, Cosmo, Binky, these are just names coming off the top of my head. What about Yoshi!?

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    You could name him him after a person or food or something. I personally like the names Dan(Something simple), Rocky(something that kinda sounds like a dogs name), or Blaze(something different).

    -E-mail me and let me know what u end up choosing, i'm just curious to know.

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    toy boy cute eh

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    You could call it Bluey that's all i can think of sorry if it doesn't help


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    Luke, or Ruley.

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    call him ned

    it sounds cool

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